best. v-day. ever.

Since I write novels about soul mates, you might expect me to get all excited about Valentine’s Day. Not so much. I mean, I’m a fan when I have a boyfriend. Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating the day of love with the one they love? But V-Day always seems to have this undercurrent of high expectations. Which often leads to inevitable disappointment. What should be a chill day gets whipped up into a frenzy of pressure. Boys running around grabbing at overpriced roses and prix fixe menus containing zero vegetarian options and outrageously fancy chocolate that is so fancy it fails to taste good. Give me Godiva and I’m a happy girl. Preferably their Ultimate Collection. What’s so hard about that?

Godiva Ultimate Collection

Clearly, I am the one with high expectations.

That’s why this V-Day was the best one ever. Not only were my high expectations met. They were exceeded.

I’d been waiting for the phone to ring all weekend. Isn’t that the worst? When you’re waiting for the boy to call and he doesn’t call and you’re like, “Why isn’t he calling? Why isn’t he CALLING?” In my case, I was waiting for news about the boy. I have a new bf (aka the apartment I am purchasing). The search is over. Can you believe the first time I saw him was less than three weeks ago? And now look. I feel like Charlotte in the coffee shop all like, “I’ve been dating for 20 years, I’m exhausted, where IS he?!” And now he’s here.

Heart chocolates

Note: Of course I would like to find my actual soul mate in the form of an actual boy. One thing at a time.

After waiting by the phone like the 16-year-old I am, my broker called late Monday night with the good news I’d been waiting for. We were going into contract! All of that running around and writing letters and filling out forms and having meetings and getting my taxes done two seconds after my financial documents were all in place was paying off. I’m happy to report that I signed the contracts at my real estate attorney’s office today. There’s nothing like forking over a big fat check to make you feel like a grownup!

I spent Valentine’s Day afternoon doing mortgage paperwork. Which was the perfect way for me and my bf to celebrate getting serious. At first he wasn’t sure about taking things to the next level. That was excruciating. But underneath the fear and doubt, I knew we were meant to be together. And now one of my biggest dreams is coming true.

That’s how it is when you have burning passion for something. You can make anything happen. If you’re waiting for your life to change, start making that change happen. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

14 thoughts on “best. v-day. ever.

    • The Ultimate Collection continues to be a dream of mine! In the meantime, things are heating up with my bf. He’s committed to making me insanely happy. I’m looking forward to a beautiful relationship 🙂

  1. Congratulations!! I saw the pics from the Search is Over post and the view is amazing! I hope the time between you and your soul mate/ apartment is everything you could hope for and more! ❤


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