the real deal

TGIM! Not only is the calendar showing off a shiny new week, but it’s telling me that we only have four more months to go until Keep Holding On is out in the world. I have a new publicist and lots of funtastic plans for this book release. So exciting.

My new publicist is amazing. She’s so amazing that she set up our meeting at City Bakery specifically because their 20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival is in full swing. Considering what a fan of chocolate I am, you’d think that I’d be more into hot chocolate. I wasn’t before encountering the real deal. I’d mostly just had the instant kind, which never tastes good. But then I tasted real hot chocolate with fluffy homemade marshmallows at City Bakery. Now I understand how hot chocolate was meant to be. And there’s no going back.

20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery

Best. Thing. EVER.

I’m already strategizing my return to City Bakery. Not that I need much strategy. It’s a short walk from my place. But given the above documentation, I’m sure you can understand why I’m not there every day. We have health issues to consider. Only…see that chocolate chip cookie? It was fresh out of the oven. The chocolate chips were gooey, people. Must return soon.

In other sweet news, I have a new eye doctor who doesn’t do the air puff thing. The air puff thing always freaked me out. They used to have to hold my head in place for it when I was a teenager. The anticipation of that air puff coming straight for my eye any second now made me jittery. But my new doctor is awesome. I couldn’t believe his technician when she sat me down in front of the first machine.

Me: This isn’t the air puff thing, is it?
Her: No, we don’t do that here.
Me: Sweet! What do you do instead?
Her: We poke you in the eye with a pen.
Me: Ha ha har!
Her: [serious]
Me: Wait, what?

Turns out that the alternative to the air puff thing is getting two sets of eye drops and then being poked in the eye. The eye drops majorly dilate your pupils and leave you with blurry vision for the next two hours. True, I didn’t feel the pokes at all. This eye doctor is one of the best. But with the blurry vision afterwards, I’m wondering if the air puff thing really is that bad. Sometimes it takes experiencing something worse to make you realize that the first thing was’t as bad as you thought.

On a final TGIM note, I’ll leave you with this recent comment from Nicole:

“Reading your blog posts always gives me that little extra boost to believe that my own dreams can become a reality if I follow my heart. Putting good vibes out into the universe and believing that things will work out as they should is some of the greatest advice you have given us readers. So thank you for always giving us that encouragement.”

That’s why I’m here 🙂

11 thoughts on “the real deal

  1. Susanne–I HATE the puff thing! Instead, I pay about $10 extra to have them use a machine that looks at the veins inside my eyeball. No poke in the eye required!


  2. Your description of being poked in the eye made my eyes water, seriously!!!!! And now I’m about to go into the kitchen and eat a cookie! 🙂

  3. Susane, thank you so much for mentioning my comment, it means a lot to me 🙂 Congrats on getting a new publicist, I can’t wait for Keep Holding On! And that picture is seriously making me consider a trip to the city just to try the real hot chocolate (and the cookie), yum.


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