quick things

Woo! This apartment buying whirlwind is intense. I was up until 2:00 in the morning Thursday night doing paperwork. Friday was a calls/meetings/numbers/subways/papers frenzy that started the second I woke up and didn’t end until after 8:00 that night. I think I got a chance to eat something around 4:00. It was good to have the weekend to recharge, because this week will be super hectic as well. New York City real estate is sort of like a contest called Who Wants It More? Clearly, I do. And I cannot wait to be the winner.

In the midst of the exhaustion and exhilaration, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you five quick things:

1. I Am a Reader, Not a Writer interviewed me. Bonus: they’re also hosting a giveaway to win an ARC of Keep Holding On!

2. Friendly neighbors in Texas! LibraryPalooza is coming up. This event seemed so far away when we scheduled it back in 2010. Now it’s almost here! The festivities will be held in San Antonio on Saturday, February 25. Please join me and these awesome authors if you’re in the area. You can stay updated at LibraryPalooza’s Facebook page.

3. Interested in getting paid to think up cool stuff all day? You might want to consider a career in imagineering.

4. Interested in getting published? Check out Jane Friedman’s excellent post explaining how.

5. I cannot WAIT to play board games again this weekend with my board gaming group. Just FYI.

Of course I’ll keep you posted on my new boyfriend (aka apartment). TGIM 🙂