what a difference a day makes

Today didn’t get off to the best start. The reservation list for tomorrow night’s Zumba class at my gym was already filled when I called this morning. That’s never happened before. Oh gym in January, you never cease to be a crowded mess. Between being shut out and general malaise, I just wasn’t feeling my usual TGIM perkiness when my day started.

But then I went to the dentist.

Which would normally make my day much worse. A dentist appointment is not something I typically enjoy. I have a lot of sensitivity. I’m even sensitive to the air they blow on your teeth while you’re getting them cleaned. So you can imagine how excited I was to find a new dentist who may very well be the best dentist in the history of teeth. She has an actual dental spa. That’s right. A dental spa. It totally mellowed me out. While I was getting my teeth cleaned, I gazed out a huge window overlooking Central Park. There’s nothing like a sweet New York view to calm me down. Plus she used a numbing spray instead of that cream most dentists use and it worked like a charm. I’ve endured many horrific dental antics over the years. Lacking dentistry is one thing I am happy to be DONE with.

Also making my day brighter: So Much Closer was nominated for a Teen Choice Book Award! Please vote for it here if you can. Thank you, friendly neighbors.

Do you remember when I had surgery last month? For the first time since then, I’ve been feeling way better. I’ve had zero pain for like a week now. Having constant pain that finally decides to go away is the ultimate mood enhancer. It feels good to recognize myself again. There’s a chance that the pain and symptoms might return. You’ll know if they do because I’ll be writing a blog post entitled Susane vs. Fibroid: Ultimate Smackdown to keep you informed. But for now, my heart swells with hope.

My heart also swells with hope every time an open house comes up for an apartment that could possibly be my dream home. As you may know, I’ve been looking for a new home for a while. I have a very strong feeling that 2012 will be my year. My neighborhood rules, but my place isn’t the best scenario for someone working at home. I went to see an apartment yesterday. Gorgeous building, gorgeous renovation. And the best part? Views featuring tons of water towers. If you’ve read So Much Closer, you know how much I adore water towers. I just think they’re beautiful. And edgy and weird – all good things. The enormous water tower right across the street had me at first glance. Also across the street? Major construction. Of a really tall building. That will be going on until at least next year. The broker assured me it would be way too noisy to work. The place was a bit small anyway. Otherwise I would have snatched it up and worn earplugs.

So the search for my dream home continues. And my heart continues to swell with hope. It’s amazing how one day can turn everything around, whether it’s with unexpected good news or something that makes you so happy you can’t stop smiling. I keep days like this in mind when I’m not off to a good start. Anything can happen. Unexpected goodness is infinite. And I am keeping hope alive that 2012 will continue to bring the magic!

5 thoughts on “what a difference a day makes

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling that much better! I don’t think that fibroid realized who it was dealing with 😉 I love everything that you said, about how days that start out crappy can have a way of turning around. I’ve had those days myself and they are just fantastic. As an eternal optimist, I’m always looking for those “glass half full” moments that raise your sprits. And congrats on your nomination for So Much Closer! Going to vote for it right now! 😀

    P.S. – I work at a gym, and I definitely understand the craziness that surrounds Zumba. It’s amazing the following of people it claims and how religiously and enthusiastically they show up for class!

      • Thanks for voting! Being an eternal optimist has definitely gotten me through some bad days that never manage to get good. I always try to keep in mind how quickly things can turn around. Or focus on doing something that I know makes me happy, like rewatching eps of The Office or playing John Mayer. While everyone else is at Zumba tomorrow, I’m going to make plans to do something epic so I’m not missing out. Although it’s hard to surpass the epicness of Zumba, as you have witnessed 😉

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