blank canvas

So I was all ready to order these sweet customized Converse. I designed mine with hearts all over them. Then there were the Marimekko poppy ones that I was lusting over. But for some reason, I didn’t order either pair.

Now I know why.

No disrespect to Converse. None at all. I owned like every single color back in college. They were all I wore for years, even with dresses. The thing is, they kind of make my feet hurt now. Not sure if that’s an age thing or that I just ignored the pain before.

Which is why I was stoked to discover Rocket Dogs. I pretty much rock the Dogs exclusively now. They are so freaking comfortable. I walk everywhere in them. I’ve worn them out so much the soles have pieces missing and I don’t even care. When I found these new blank canvas ones, I knew I was meant to design my own.

Blank canvas Rocket Dogs + Sharpie fabric markers = infinite possibilities

Blank canvas Rocket Dogs + Sharpie fabric markers = infinite possibilities.

I’m trying to narrow down ideas until I reach the ultimate sneaker design. I considered writing song lyrics and stuff all over them the way I did back in high school. Then I thought of doing a whole Dream Big theme to wear at my upcoming Keep Holding On readings. But I have sparkle Converse and some cute new flats to wear for those. So I’m kind of stuck.

What would you design, friendly neighbors? I can’t decide!

4 thoughts on “blank canvas

  1. I would design it using the symbols of several namebrands but altered, for example the Nike Swoosh I would inverse the shape like if it were a mirror image. Same with addidas I would change the stripes. It’s like being sacrilegious for fashion. I don’t know just a thought 😉

  2. hmm… I feel like maybe asking fellow authors that you adore/constantly read from to sign and maybe write a little message? That might be sort of cool 🙂 And very original too.


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