it’s time to light the lights

Thanksgiving might have been almost a week ago, but I am still infatuated with pumpkin pie. Could I possibly eat more pumpkin pie? Actually, yeah…

In addition to pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving ruled on lots of levels. Good people were involved. So were old friends. After dinner, we went to see The Muppets!

Walter and Jason Segel in The Muppets

This toothbrushing scene was so freaking adorable I can’t even tell you. You will love this movie if you’re a Muppet fan. Or even if you’re not. Because that’s how fun it is. Snaps for my secret bf Jason Segel for having the passion and determination to bring his beloved Muppets back to the big screen. He totally preserved the integrity, spirit, and quirky details we admire in all of our Muppet friendly neighbors. Respect. A certain cameo had me squealing louder than the little kids who were watching with us. No spoilers, but if you know what my fave show is and you’ve seen my recent husband list, then you know who it was. And it was awesome.

I was stoked to be feeling better in time for the Muppet and pie festivities. After almost two years of not getting sick, I was slammed with a cold. At first I was irritated that I didn’t make it to two years of sick-free living. That was my goal. But then I remembered that my original goal was to not get sick for one year. So I did reach my goal! It’s just that I have a tendency to set even higher goals as soon as I reach my original ones and forget to appreciate that I’ve achieved much of anything. How did I avoid getting sick for almost two years? An obsessive combination of washing my hands immediately when I get home, using my own pen to sign receipts in stores, and trying not to touch too many things in general. This strategy often makes me look like a weirdo, but it works. Sort of.

Now we’re moving into the hunker down. After a few gorgeous days, I can no longer deny that the cold and increasing darkness are upon us. This is the time of year I like to stay in and work on my first draft. It seems like lots of people are working on first drafts now. Not just because of NaNoWriMo (which I hope all of you participants owned!). It seems like the majority of YA books are released between April and June, which means first drafts are usually due around February of the previous year. This first draft I’m working on will hopefully become a book published in 2013. It really helps to know that some of you are working on your own first drafts right along with me, struggling and crying and throwing things across the room. Fight on, everyone.

I had to take a week or so away from writing to look over the first pass of Keep Holding On, my new book that’s coming out in June:

First pass of Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

The first pass is a layout of the book on large paper. We check it carefully to make sure there are no typos and that the fonts and formatting look okay. By this stage, the manuscript has already been copyedited and read by several people at my publishing house. After so many sets of eyes had been on it, I couldn’t believe I found a typo right in the first chapter. It was one of those tricky though/through situations. Which makes me worry about what I still might be missing even after scrutinizing the first pass to pieces. You’d think it would be easy to catch all the errors – but it never is! The first pass is also when we look at the design elements to decide if they’re working. See that coffee mug? The designer initially decided to use cute little coffee mugs as chapter break symbols (those symbols some books include to separate chapter sections). We decided that they don’t quite reflect the tone of the book. Not sure what my amazing designer will come up with next…but I’m excited to find out when I see the second pass!

All this book talk reminds me of a super cute community initiative going on. The Corner Library project installs pop-up mini libraries that work on the honor system. How cute is that? Almost as cute as Jason Segel brushing his teeth with his Muppet brother, Walter. Have I mentioned that The Muppets rules? Plus it’s a perfect antidote to the hunker down. See it and welcome the light!


8 thoughts on “it’s time to light the lights

  1. I totally owned NaNo: hit 50k last night! (Story’s still not done, though, so I’m writing until Wednesday.)

    LOVED LOVED LOVED The Muppets. Cutie-pie Jason completely captured their spirit and why we all love them so much. Have you listened to The Green Album? Do it!

  2. I want to see the Muppets movie! I’m a Jason Segel fan from his Freaks and Geeks days and think it’s so cool that he’s so passionate about the Muppets that he wrote a movie about them and starred in it. How cool is that? Here’s an interesting, funny interview with Jason and co-writer Nick Stoller on NPR’s Fresh Air.

    As someone who seems to catch whatever cold is going around and who gets sick more often than those around her, I think it’s amazing that you went almost two years without getting sick. That’s something to be proud of. I work with little kids, and they are human petri dishes. Do you find that now that you’re no longer teaching, you don’t get sick as often? I like that you sign receipts with your own pen. I think I’m going to start doing that.

    P.S. Since you’re a Jason Segel fan, have you ever checked out the show Undeclared (created by Judd Apatow and featured many appearances by Freaks and Geeks peeps)?

    • Okay, how do you always know everything? You are a fountain of valuable information, girl! Thanks for the Fresh Air link. I can’t remember if I heard that interview…

      There’s definitely less sick in my life now that I’m not teaching. But not by much. I really didn’t get sick that often. Maybe once a year?

      Just added Undeclared to my Netflix queue. Sweet!

      • Don’t know if you’re a fan of British actor Charlie Hunnam, but he was also on Undeclared. He’s currently on the FX show Sons of Anarchy, which I’ll start watching when the first season DVD arrives.

  3. Keep Holding On seems to be coming along really well! I really hope it’s published here. I’m from Malaysia and the last book of yours that I spotted in the bookstore was Something Like Fate. Major killjoy. 😦

    But either way, I wanted to tell you just how much you inspire me with your enthusiasm. You really gave me the faith and strength I needed to reach for my dreams to become an author too because of you 🙂


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