celebration of done

Can I just say how much you girls impressed me with all the wonderful ways in which you are DONE? I am so very proud of each and every one of you. Congrats to my randomly selected winner, Bayleigh B. Thanks to Shelley for all of your positive comments. And I just wanted to let you know, Skyler, that what happened to your boyfriend was NOT your fault. You said it best: “I’m done feeling guilty for something he did to himself. Suicide is selfish. I see that now. And it was his choice.” Thanks for sharing your story with us.

In case you missed my Keep Holding On ARC giveaway last week, you can read everyone’s comments here. Being DONE means letting go of people or things that are making you miserable. I was so freaking impressed with everyone’s comments that I wanted to share some of the highlights here. It’s a celebration of DONE!

“I am DONE with trying so hard to please people that couldn’t care less about me.” – Donna

“I am DONE with feeling guilty over things that are out of my control and feeling shame over what other people think of me.” – Mika

“I am done trying to be anyone else but Me.” – Keah

“I am DONE with letting fear get in the way of accomplishing my dreams and goals…” – Nicole

“All of my life I have had people bring me down and tease me endlessly every single day at school, and I would cry myself to sleep almost every night. But as of now, I am so DONE with it. I have to start standing up for myself, and start putting myself first. I am so DONE with allowing them to hurt me and bring me down.” – Valerie

“I am DONE waiting for guys to figure out if they want to be with me. If they did, they’d know it.” – Tammy

“I am done with being so negative all the time!” – April

“I’m DONE with letting other people tell me [who] I am or who I can be. I know who I am, who I want to be & where I’m going in my life. I will not limit myself by letting others define me. I define myself! – Nikki

“I’m done with the bullying, stress, hatefulness, negativity, and ignorance that is high school.” – Anna

“I am done with letting oppurtunies pass by me.” – Sabrina

“I’m DONE with trying to control everything.” – Jennifer

“i am done letting my depresion and anxiety control me. i am a strong person and i am going to fight to live the life I want.” – Katy

“I am DONE destroying myself with what ifs.” – Natalia

“I’m DONE with being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.” – Melannie

“I am DONE with diving too far into the hype of what is and what isn’t the perfect body.” – Tyler

“It feels great to stand up for yourself and I’m SO done with letting myself ignore feelings that need to be shared.” – Gina

“I’m DONE with letting people walk all over me. I’m done with saying yes to everyone. I’m learning to say, ‘no’ to people who don’t deserve my ‘yes.'” – Lauren

“I’m DONE with not recognizing the face in the mirror.” – Julianna

“I’m done with being afraid to speak up.” – Paige

“I’m done with always sitting around and wishing I could change my life and make it better. Because my life won’t change until I do something about it.” – Sara

“i am DONE feeling miserable and self-conscious of being overweight. i am DONE being affected by people who still make fun of me for my weight.” – Kelly

“I am done with trying to look perfect.” – Hannah

Pure inspiration, ladies. Stay strong.

10 thoughts on “celebration of done

  1. It means a lot that my name was in this. Thanks for the encouraging words. You`re one of my favorite authors and I can`t wait to read your new book, and your new books to come(:

    • Your story resonated with me. I had a boyfriend in high school who said he would kill himself if I ever broke up with him. But that was his issue – it had nothing to do with me. Please don’t blame yourself for something that was in NO WAY your fault. You did the right thing by getting out of an unhealthy relationship. No one should stay with someone they don’t want to be with.

  2. I am so glad that I’m not alone in trying to be perfect. I used to think that I was the only one, so that’s why I never stood up, or even talked to anyone about it. No I learned that silence is louder than noise..

    • The most prominent theme I noticed among these comments was being done with trying to achieve perfection. It’s something most of us struggle with. I know I’ve been struggling with my perfectionist attitude forever!


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