22 thoughts on “pretty little liars

  1. The show uses some elements of the books but it does seem to largely differ from them. So it doesn’t matter really. I really love both but the TV show is wearing on me a bit since A hasn’t yet been revealed so the books are a bit better in that you find out who A is fairly quickly (in the fourth book, then the eighth, then you’ll find out in the twelfth whenever it’s released- a new A arrives in each quartet).

  2. BOOK ALL THE WAY!! its more original bc its sara shepards idea, not some random tv writers! i think u should read th book first to get to know the characters and learn more…

  3. I am absolutely in love with the show. It is definitely different from the books so whichever you do first won’t really matter. I have only read the first book though and the funny thing is that most of that book was the pilot episode. The show is amazing and each season gets better than the last. Its definitely worth watching. Especially season 2. So many hotties lol.

    • Each season is better than the last? That’s amazing! Usually season one is the best, maybe one and two, and after that things tend to go downhill. I’m stoked. And of course we’re all about the hotties πŸ˜‰

  4. Ditto on these comments – they are way different. The show definitely takes liberties with the characters and their characteristics. That being said, I like both of them :).

  5. I read the first four books.. before the other four came out. I still haven’t read them, don’t know if I will. The story already ends within the first four books! I also watch the show though. It started out really similar to the books but continually gets very different… but still love it! Addicted. (:

  6. I would suggest you read the series of books and than watch the show. Because, they’re both very different. I love the books, but the tv series is really good too!!! πŸ™‚

  7. continue reading! truthfully, i quit after book 3 because i just lost track of where i was (you know when you leave off at a page and can’t remember where? and by the time you decide to pick it up again, you’ve already forgotten the majority of what you read?), but the suspense was awesome….i was freaked.
    but the show….is it any good?

  8. i noticed abc shows tend to be…..ahaha a little lame. like the dialogue. i don’t know anyone who actually talks as they do. but i still enjoy em so whatever!

  9. I’ve never watched the show, but the books are so detailed. They keep you reading and thinking. Seriously, it sounds ridiculous that A wouldn’t be revealed until the fourth book, and it makes it sound like it would get boring. But it totally doesn’t! I was actually really interested throughout each book to the point that much of my time was spent wondering about what would happen next.

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