You know how people come up with genius ideas like Post-its or magnetic poetry or Facebook and you’re like, “Dang, I wish I’d thought of that!” Well, here’s another one: Child’s Own Studio. They take children’s drawings and turn them into stuffed animals. How cute is that?

And how cute are these penguins?

Penguin sweater cuteness

These buddies were affected by the recent New Zealand oil spill. Their tiny sweaters were actually protecting them from the oil. Crude oil from a spill breaks down penguins’ natural oils that protect them from the cold and provide waterproofing. Wearing a sweater keeps a penguin warm and reduces the amount of crude oil he swallows while preening. The response to the New Zealand oil spill from knitters around the world was so overwhelming that Skeinz, the yarn store that has been collecting penguin sweaters, says they’re currently no longer in need. But if you’re a knitter and would like to contribute to future endeavors, here are the official penguin sweater instructions.

Speaking of cute, I’ve discovered a super cute book blog. Willa’s Ramblings interviewed me about the Knowing, the importance of never giving up, and why I write for teens. Thanks for the fun interview, Willa!

Something that wasn’t cute? Was when this first draft I’m working on whipped out its Freddy claws. So not cool, first draft. Little did it know I had a powerful card in my back pocket. I totally whipped out NaNoWriMo. Booyah! In your FACE first draft! I’m feeling way better about this struggle knowing that a bunch of you are struggling right along with me, all of us working toward the same goal. And hey, even if we can’t print out a complete manuscript and smack it down on the table with a resounding thud (always my favorite part) on November 30, we will have more than we have now. And that is a very good thing.

May your weekend be productive – and brimming with cute!