team gale

How excited am I for The Hunger Games movie? Psyched out of my head, yo. March 23 is burning a hole in my day planner. Day planner en fuego. The effects in the Arena are going to be crazy hot. Cannot. Freaking. Wait.

Let’s talk boys.

Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark

Liam Hemsworth is more my type than Josh Hutcherson. Except I was picturing Gale darker and with brown eyes. It looks like maybe Liam was wearing brown contacts in the movie pics I saw. I hope so. That’s important. From the movie pics, it doesn’t look like Peeta’s hair is blond enough. I’ve always seen the boys as dark and light like yin and yang. Katniss looks amazing, though. Jennifer Lawrence was incredible in Winter’s Bone. No doubt she will bring it full force.

When I tell you this you’re going to be like, WHAT. But I didn’t start reading the trilogy right away. It look some persuading. People were telling me how awesome The Hunger Games was. I was all, “Yeah, no, I’m not really into dystopia, thanks anyway.” And they were like, “No, this is really good. You have to read it.” And I was like, “I’m all about realistic fiction. So I think I’ll pass.” But they were not hearing that. They were like, “You don’t understand. You need to read this book.” So I finally went and got the book and it sat on my night table for a while.

But then I started reading it.

Next thing I know, it’s four in the morning, I can’t put the book down, eyes burning out of my face, knowing I was going to pay for it the next day and not even caring. Holy crap is that book good. Aside from Speak and Wintergirls, The Hunger Games is probably the only book I’ve read that I thought was perfection. I wouldn’t have changed one word. Unreal.

A spoiler alert might be needed here. I don’t know. Just throwing that out there to the three of you who haven’t read the series yet.

The whole series is phenomenal. But Catching Fire was a little less perfect. And Mockingjay was even less perfect. Particularly the ending. Where certain people ended up with certain other people when certain people were clearly meant to be with certain other people who are their SOUL MATE. I mean, hello, am I the only one who thinks a tragic mistake was made?

Team Gale

So yeah. Team Gale. Why? Because when you live in District 12 and are illegally scavenging in the woods, risking your life to stay alive and trying to feed your family, and there’s a boy by your side the whole time who is bonded to you in a way that no one else in the whole entire world could ever understand, a boy who loves you and you love him and you’re just starting to realize the depth of your love, and when he kisses you you just know…then it is obvious you’re meant to be together. Some people forgot about that kiss. Or act like it was whatever. A kiss is never whatever. That kiss was something real.

And what kind of name is Peeta, anyway? Like, what, he works in a bakery and bakes bread so pita bread and then just change the spelling?

Let me stop. Your turn.

45 thoughts on “team gale

  1. I know that a big point in the last book was that there were bigger things going on in Katniss’ life than choosing a boy…but Team Gale all the way.

  2. Hi Susane, nice review! I couldn’t stop reading the books either. The first one was perfect, but the other two…
    Although I am team Peeta, I hate the way they got together in the end! It was like Collins didn’t have the time to develop the story and had to finish it fast.

  3. Hello Susane πŸ™‚ Just want to say that I love all of your posts & I love how positive & awesome your posts are! I especially love that you talk about NYC so much because I live there as well, about to study creative writing & children’s literature. I work in Posman Books in Grand Central & we met briefly at a signing in Books of Wonder but just want to say that I love your books & I’m always recommending them to my customers too!

    Okay so about “The Hunger Games”! The first book in a series is usually my favorite anyway but with Collins’ book, I was absolutely obsessed with this novel for a long while & just became fascinated with Gale. I wanted more! I’m on a Team Gale all the way! I felt so so sad about what happened towards the end between him and Katniss so you’re not alone. You took the words right out of my mouth. In my perfect world, they’re living HAPPILY EVER AFTER πŸ™‚


    • Oh, I love your last thought. I will imagine an unwritten sequel in which they are living happily ever after. That will make me feel better πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for your support and for spreading the word about my books. I really appreciate you recommending them!

      • Sure thing! Anytime I can spread the word about great YA books & add to the amazing YA community makes for a great day πŸ™‚

        Also, I think I used the word LOVE too much in my last post LOL. I mean, I DO love your work but reading it back, I felt like I could’ve used a thesaurus haha. Oh well, I’m full of love tonight I guess πŸ˜‰

  4. I am so with you πŸ™‚
    but in the end, i had a feeling she’d go with Peeta.

    and i thought the same about his name,
    anyways cant wait for your newest

  5. I was on Team Gale from day one and I thought the way things turned out was a travesty. Where his character goes and how Katniss reacts to that just didn’t feel real to me.

  6. SPOILER ALERT (for those who haven’t read the books (:)
    I’m Team Peeta. No disrespect to your opinion, but I found Gale annoying. However, I didn’t like that Katniss kind of settles for Peeta in the end.

  7. Team Gale all the way! *highfive*

    Completely agree about book 2 and 3. The series IN MY OPINION went downfall.
    But we will allways have book 1 to come back to, where Katniss was a hero and Gale was a hero and Peeta was… kind of annoying; just because he got in the way of the real soulmates in that The Hunger Games.

  8. I absolutly LOVE your blog and the hunger game series until the end. If i could rip the ending out i would but its a friends book Right away i wanted Katniss to be with Gale. Even though my friends think im crazy, im team Gale all the way!!!In the books you could tell it was like fate. Then the ending was like a slap in the face… I was very disapointed. Katniss should have married gale

  9. Okay, I’ll have to admit. I thought that Katniss would end up with Gale throughout the books. But I always liked Peeta more. (secretly, for myself) So when I finished the books, I realized that she did end up with the right person. After going through the hunger games, they both went a little crazy, and it was ultimately an experience only victors would understand. Also, Gale started sounding like a monster in the 3rd book with his disregard for human life. AND, he never really provided comfort for Katniss the way Peeta would be there to drive away her nightmares. (I mean, who can deny being extremely jealous of those hugging scenes??!!?)

  10. I don’t like peeta either. I love gale. He’s so real and brave and strong and chroming. Katniss just mothers peeta. And I didn’t like the ending

  11. Count me in as another person who felt the ending was a cop-out. I wasn’t expecting Katniss to get with Gale anyways, but I was expecting at least a conversation (or even a fight) between the two where things between them were officially broken off.

  12. I, too, feel gypped on this matter. Katniss and Gale (to me) would obviously be the ideal couple. They know each others strengths and weaknesses, and their numerous strengths feed off of each other. Peeta’s strength is, what? He can bake bread and decorate cakes? Okay then.

    After talking to several people, we feel that the ending of the Mockingjay was really rushed. As you said, Gale and Katniss were together for so long. They worked to keep their families alive for years, and in the end, fell for each other as well. If they were going to break up the “Dream Team,” it needed to have been at least something classier than, “Oh… he got a new job” and leaving it at that. Give the man some kind of a tribute himself.

  13. SO disapointed with Mockingjay….Katniss and Gale should be together. Period. But The Hunger Games was definitly one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while…can NOT wait for the movie!!!

  14. I found your blog while googling “Team Gale”…that’s right, I’ll admit it. I spent all of the Twilight “Saga” cheering for Team Jacob knowing full well that wasn’t going to happen. Whatever, guess I love an underdog. But this time, I was SURE I was right. It had to be Gale, there was no other option in my head (see the quote from your second picture “I am his, he is mine”, kind of sealed the deal for me). So when I finished the Hunger Game Trilogy (which was 4 days ago and I’m still not over it), I felt the hollowness like everyone else…I needed to be consoled. How could Collins do that to Gale? I mean, even if Katniss ended up with Peeta, it felt like Gale was made to be a villain and I was devastated!

    I had a long conversation the next day with my best friend and I found out she was Team Peeta. Once the anger wore off and I decided that it was okay to talk to her once again, she explained that she thought Gale cared only about the Capitol towards the end and winning at all costs regardless of the loss of human life. He became so obsessed with beating the Capitol that he stopped caring as much about Katniss. Meanwhile, Peeta would do absolutely anything for Katniss (except when he was hijacked, crazy, and homicidal towards her…but I guess a girl can overlook these things when it comes to real love…and baked goods). I strongly disagree with this argument, I think throughout the books Gale was always a constant source of strength and a voice of reason for Katniss.

    As a previous commenter said, In my my perfect world they are also living happily together…in district 12. Maybe Peeta’s their neighbor, maybe they get together over a cup of coffee and reminisce about the old days. Whatever it is, she’s with Gale. So long story short, I was happy to find your blog post and the other commenters supporting Gale. Next google search…”Hunger Games Anonymous”…followed by “therapy”.

    • I know exactly what you mean about finishing the trilogy days ago and still not being over it. What an intense, wild ride that was. My chin was on the floor for weeks afterwards.

      Your ending sounds really sweet. I agree that Katniss and Gale should have ended up living in District 12, creating a new life for themselves amidst the memories of what they survived. Well, at least that can be the ending in our hearts…

  15. TEAM GALE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! All my friends are on team Peeta and I don’t know what to do! They are all so sure…but how? Before they said they were on team Peeta, I thought everyone was disappointed that catnip ended with the boy with the bread. Who wants bread over tough fighter dude?! I also agree that the ending felt hollow… first I thought it was only because catnip and gale were meant to be, but now I realize the more adequate reasoning. I HATE MOCKINGJAY… only because of Gale. Gales character in the first book, how he started, would not do any of that stuff. He will be like that forever in my mind. before Suzanne Collins RUINED him!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sorry… again. TEAM GALE because Peeta is not protective of Katniss. Peeta never took care of Katniss in the books. Katniss took care of Peeta, kept him alive. So im sorry, but Peeta is strong, but i guess he wasnt strong enough to save Katniss. she had to save HIM. Peeta just irritated me throughout all of the books. I get that he’s all sweet and nice and devoted, but really. He fell in love with Katniss at the age of five? He didn’t even know Katniss as a person; more likely he fell in love with the idea of Katniss :/(quoted from a different website)

  17. Sigh, I’m just totally in love with Peeta. It just annoyed me in the books how Katniss never really dug either boy in the end. Bleh. I wanted a big strong finish for our heroine but instead she seemed depressed and (like everyone else is mentioning) “settling”. But come on! Sexy baker boy with flour in his hair only caring for Katniss? Even joining Cato’s “alliance” in the games attempting to throw them off? PLUS saying he had a crush on her during the interviews was pretty gutsy! And all to make her look better for her to come out on top. It’s been ages since I read the books, so I can’t remember if my imagination wanted this or it had happened. Did Gale and Madge ever get sweet on each other? Blanking out. If not, I think they would be super cute! Like everyone else: need the closure! It’ll only be like, what? 2-3 more years until all the movies? =(
    P.S I’m older now and I have my own apartment and work full time and go to college but I still totally treasure those signed copies you gave me from the contest. I may have to pull one out and attempt to read it between class and work! =)

    • You know I always want to see a happy ending with true love. So of course I would have liked the trilogy more if Katniss felt strongly about one boy or another. But hey, the books were so excellent it doesn’t really matter!

      You’re right about Peeta. That time he disguised himself in the mud? He’s good people.

  18. Ugh, I forgot the horrible thing about wordpress and that it deletes your stuff if you forget to log in. I wrote out this long awesomeness and now I must start over!

    Team Peeta for me, all the way. Come on! Sexy baker boy with flour in his hair always with eyes for Katniss? Ever since the day in the rain? Plus, him sacrificing so much in the arena. Wanting only for Katniss to come out on top- joining Cato’s alliance to lead them off her trail, saying he would eat the berries and she would win the games.
    But I do hate how she never really dug either guy at the end of the books. That “settling” and depressive feeling at the end didn’t exactly give me satisfaction in the series. I think I need a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants thing to happen…. I loved the first three books but didn’t care for the fourth. Nothing was really tied up to me, a lot of things didn’t happen the way I wanted…. just yuck. Then Ann came along and wrote the 5th! Sisterhood Everlasting met all my expectations EXCEPT one which had to do with Win. I wanted Win to show back up from Book 3 since he had just disappeared.
    (Sorry if you haven’t read them and I am babbling……… if you haven’t, I think you may need to get on it!)

    Anyway, maybe 2-3 years for us to get a real live satisfied ending to this journey in movie format? That would still be fine by me πŸ™‚

    P.S I’m older now, have my own apartment, work full time and go to college but I still treasure those signed book copies you sent me for winning the contest! I think I will pull one out and attempt to read it between class and work πŸ™‚

    • Not deleted! Even if you weren’t logged in, I have WordPress set up so that once I approve your first comment, all of your comments after that are automatically posted. So it should be easier for you to comment from now on πŸ™‚

  19. Come on you have to admit, in the first book it was sweet how Peeta was to Katniss, and even though I havn’t read the other two books I gotta say, I’m still sticking with Peeta.
    P.S. in the movie i think both Gale and Peeta were hot.


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