team gale

How excited am I for The Hunger Games movie? Psyched out of my head, yo. March 23 is burning a hole in my day planner. Day planner en fuego. The effects in the Arena are going to be crazy hot. Cannot. Freaking. Wait.

Let’s talk boys.

Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark

Liam Hemsworth is more my type than Josh Hutcherson. Except I was picturing Gale darker and with brown eyes. It looks like maybe Liam was wearing brown contacts in the movie pics I saw. I hope so. That’s important. From the movie pics, it doesn’t look like Peeta’s hair is blond enough. I’ve always seen the boys as dark and light like yin and yang. Katniss looks amazing, though. Jennifer Lawrence was incredible in Winter’s Bone. No doubt she will bring it full force.

When I tell you this you’re going to be like, WHAT. But I didn’t start reading the trilogy right away. It look some persuading. People were telling me how awesome The Hunger Games was. I was all, “Yeah, no, I’m not really into dystopia, thanks anyway.” And they were like, “No, this is really good. You have to read it.” And I was like, “I’m all about realistic fiction. So I think I’ll pass.” But they were not hearing that. They were like, “You don’t understand. You need to read this book.” So I finally went and got the book and it sat on my night table for a while.

But then I started reading it.

Next thing I know, it’s four in the morning, I can’t put the book down, eyes burning out of my face, knowing I was going to pay for it the next day and not even caring. Holy crap is that book good. Aside from Speak and Wintergirls, The Hunger Games is probably the only book I’ve read that I thought was perfection. I wouldn’t have changed one word. Unreal.

A spoiler alert might be needed here. I don’t know. Just throwing that out there to the three of you who haven’t read the series yet.

The whole series is phenomenal. But Catching Fire was a little less perfect. And Mockingjay was even less perfect. Particularly the ending. Where certain people ended up with certain other people when certain people were clearly meant to be with certain other people who are their SOUL MATE. I mean, hello, am I the only one who thinks a tragic mistake was made?

Team Gale

So yeah. Team Gale. Why? Because when you live in District 12 and are illegally scavenging in the woods, risking your life to stay alive and trying to feed your family, and there’s a boy by your side the whole time who is bonded to you in a way that no one else in the whole entire world could ever understand, a boy who loves you and you love him and you’re just starting to realize the depth of your love, and when he kisses you you just know…then it is obvious you’re meant to be together. Some people forgot about that kiss. Or act like it was whatever. A kiss is never whatever. That kiss was something real.

And what kind of name is Peeta, anyway? Like, what, he works in a bakery and bakes bread so pita bread and then just change the spelling?

Let me stop. Your turn.