TGIM! Your TGIM thought of the day is brought to you by 50/50.

50/50 is beyond amazing. It’s one of the best movies in the history of filmmaking.

Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50

You will laugh hard. You will cry hard. You will get a sparkly warm fuzzy at the end to take home with you.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in 50/50

I cannot wait for 50/50 to come out on DVD so I can own it and cherish it and watch it 500 more times.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “50/50

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed 50/50! I absolutely cannot wait to watch it. Ever since I first heard about the movie, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release. Did you know that James McAvoy was originally cast in the role of Adam, but he left due to personal reasons? I’m a fan of both James and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but it sounds like JGL really hit it out of the ballpark in this film. He was fantastic in (500) Days of Summer. Back in the day, I used to watch him on 3rd Rock from the Sun. When I saw him in (500), I thought, “Dayum, he’s sure grown up nicely!” His character in that movie was so endearing. Didn’t you love seeing Minka Kelly showing up at the end? Lyla Garrity to the rescue! 😛

      • Here are some videos of JGL from back in the day. Super adorable. In the first video from the TV show Family Ties, he’s the kid in the red sweater, later in the suspenders, and lastly in a collar shirt.

        From Roseanne:

        • These are adorbs. It’s been a crazy long time since I’d seen Family Ties. I loved that show and Michael J. Fox. Thanks for sharing these – that Pop Tarts commercial is the epitome of corny!

  2. So, I never thought I’d ever catch on to your TGIM thing, but now that I have 2 jobs (working Sat. 6:30am-8pm and Sun. 9:30am-midnight), when Monday comes around, that’s all I think about! So thanks for all of your TGIM enthusiasm, becuase now I totally get it. Cheers to Mondays!


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