fabulosity five

1. Whenever I had to buy a new combo lock for school or the gym, I lived in terror of forgetting the combination that came assigned with the lock. Those numbers meant nothing to me. What if I forgot them between classes and couldn’t open my locker and went to English without that 15-page paper that was worth like half our grade? I even taped a tiny strip of paper with my combination to the back of my gym lock until I was sure I had it memorized. Which totally defeated the purpose of locking stuff up.

How much easier would my live have been if this existed back in the day?

WordLock Text Lock

This Text Lock by WordLock lets you program a word instead of numbers. Righteous.

2. A new jewelry trend seems to be bottles dangling from necklaces. All sorts of bottles. Not sure how I feel about this.

3. I have a new book recommendation for you: We Are All Fine Here by Mary Guterson. It was one of those books that was so freaking good I kept reading the same sentences over to more fully absorb their awesomeness. I know I mostly recommend teen novels (they’re pretty much all I read these days), but this is a grownup one you will love. Mary says the things we’re all thinking but would never admit. She goes there. You will relate to this book. And in other book news, I heard that Stephen King is writing a sequel to The Shining! Dude, I’ve only been waiting for this since 8th grade when I was reading The Shining for the first time and beyond obsessed with every SK book. The sequel has vampires, but I will make an exception.

4. Jean Villepique was in my high school class. I remember some random things about her, like how she was the tallest girl in 6th grade and how she was popular but never mean. She was in all the school plays. A few years ago, I saw a feature she did in Jane magazine (I miss you Jane – and I really miss you, Sassy!) and found out that she was on The Office. She played David Wallace’s wife. But I’d watched the cocktail party ep she was in without even realizing it was her! I freaked out over how that meant I’m connected to John Krasinski by two degrees. Since then, Jean has showed up in quality viewing such as I Love You, Man and 30 Rock. I just saw her on Modern Family and felt proud all over again. It took her like 15 years to break out. Jean followed her dreams and never gave up. Pure inspiration.

5. Tomorrow is October. Um, when did that happen? When I wasn’t looking, apparently. I am determined to cling to September and the last vestiges of summer with a mini golf/Shake Shack/50/50 night. The second I saw the preview for 50/50 I was hooked. Movie night means I’ll be missing Love Night. But not really. Joseph Gordon-Levitt always brings the love. And we are ready!

4 thoughts on “fabulosity five

  1. OMG I just saw 50/50 and could not have been more impressed! It was pure brilliance. I laughed a lot. I cried. Best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can own it and cherish it and watch it 500 more times.

  2. That word lock is great.
    I wonder if you have to skip stopping at the second letter like you have to do with the number locks. (That tripped me up for days when I first got a locker!)

    • When I first read your comment I was like, Huh? But now I kind of remember that! My lock was so persnickety I was always worried about being late for class. Yay for technology – and creativity 🙂


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