You’d think that I’d be over Steve Carell getting shafted at the Emmys. Again. I seriously do not understand. Have the wingnuts who decide these things even seen The Office? Ever?! If they had, it would be pretty freaking crystal clear that Steve Carell deserved to be honored for bringing Michael Scott to life. And now he’s gone and I don’t know how I’ll be able to stand it. No, I haven’t watched last season of The Office yet. The box set sits unopened. I am both savoring the anticipation and dreading his final show.

Fortunately, every negative situation has a positive side. The positive side of Emmy night was Jason Katims winning for his writing brilliance on Friday Night Lights. And Kyle Chandler winning because Coach Eric Taylor is made of all awesome things. At least one excellent show was recognized. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Well, blurry eyes and heart in throat when I watched Jason winning on YouTube, but still – can’t lose. Coach Taylor is one of those characters who feels so real I sometimes forget he is not. He’s all I can think about whenever I see Kyle Chandler. He’s the reason I seek out KC, like how I saw Super 8 just because he was in it. Or how I was overjoyed to see him chilling with my boy Dave Letterman:

David Letterman, Kyle Chandler, and the magical marble

Kyle’s daughter has a magical marble. He took the marble with him on his trip to New York. When Kyle showed the marble to Dave, of course Dave was all about documenting the marble. Dave rules like that.

Perhaps Steve Carell could have used a magical marble. Or a Mati. I discovered the Mati in Santorini two years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. “Mati” means “eye.” It is known in some parts as the Evil Eye. But the Mati is not evil. The Mati wards off negative energy. I brought a few home from Santorini to help keep things shiny happy positive over here. There’s a big, glass one in my desk drawer and a magnet one on my bulletin board. And I was beyond stoked to find Mati bracelets in So Good the other day. So Good is this supercute jewelry store I found in SoCal a while back. That was back when those plastic rings were in. I love those freaking plastic rings – I have a whole collection of them. When not one, but two So Goods opened near me, I was excited to add to my plastic ring collection. But this is 2011. Other rings are in now. And so is the Mati! I am now the happy owner of two Mati bracelets with Mati beads:

Mati beads

Plus I scored a Mati ring at the Feast of San Gennaro before eating my annual order of fried Oreos. The Mati was a good sign that the fried Oreos would be extra delicious. And they were.

Next talisman I’m searching for: a yellow umbrella like on How I Met Your Mother. Random much? If you know of a good umbrella website, please share.

Whether your talisman is a magical marble, a Mati, a yellow umbrella, or something else, I’m wishing you lots of positive energy this fall. The autumnal equinox is tomorrow. Summer will officially be over, but the sunshiny goodness can live on. So here’s to a shiny new you for this shiny new fall.

If you’re in the Baltimore area, please stop by the Baltimore Book Festival tomorrow night and say hi! Event details are here.