cool designs

Some cool designs that have caught my eye…

1. Moo box

A few months ago, I started noticing mini Moo business cards everywhere. They were so adorable that I had to design some of my own. When I discovered that I could upload 100 different images for one set of cards, I was blown away. But I decided to go with the Something Like Fate spine stripes. I cropped three different areas of the stripes for a touch of variety. The cards are super cute. Also super cute? The box they came in.

Moo business cards box

This is one of the many reasons I’m obsessed with Shiny Happy Apple World. Not only are Apple products simplistically elegant, even their packaging is beautiful. It’s thrilling to discover another company taking packaging just as seriously (or not seriously). Sparkly confetti for Moo!

2. All Star Marimekko

Marimekko flowers make me happy. Every time I go to Crate & Barrel, I have to stroll through the Marimekko section just to take in all the pretty designs. Marimekko plus Converse equals two of my fave things coming together to achieve brilliance.

Marimekko red poppy Converse

Full disclosure: I have a bit of a Converse addiction. Fine, more than a bit. Let’s just say the last thing I need is another pair of Converse. But…WANT. Want is a whole other thing. Want has taken over big time. I’m either ordering these or some customized ones I’ve been working on. There’s really no choice.

3. Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps

Q: How cool are these stamps?

Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps

A: So cool that I had to get a second sheet for my stamp book. I don’t collect as many stamps as I used to, but when I see ones as awesome as these they immediately get added to the book. Love.

4. MoMA Store’s Ultra-Flat Multicolor Wall Clock

MoMA Store's Ultra-Flat Multicolor Wall Clock

I just checked my dictionary for the definition of “cool” and there’s a picture of this clock. Which is really weird because I’ve had my enormous Say Anything style dictionary since college and I believe this is a new design. See, that’s how cool this clock is. So cool it redefined cool a long time ago, before it even existed.

Keep it cool, friendly neighbors!


8 thoughts on “cool designs

  1. Aww oh my gosh! Moo business cards?!?! How adorable! I bet they are super cute! Like now I want them for me but I don’t even have a job OR a business hahaahahaha but yes. Adorable! So those lil converse are sooo cute! I mean, c’mon! You should tots get them?? 🙂 I hav a hello kitty pair on back order similar to those!! Hahahaha along with hello kitty slippers! ❤ loveeeeee! And I looked at that clock as a paint swatch book thing- I mean, who knew?!?! Hahahaha and those stamps r super cute also!! I actually need stamps to mail my friends stuff at camp so I may get those cus those r too cute! Hahaha and hey, Anne! Did you like your movie??!?!?! Hahaha love u so much!! You evacuating for hurricane Irene?! I'm worried for you! Hahahaha xoxoxo, Natalie from Philly =) ❤

    • Why yes, I LOVED One Day! I thought I looked a lot like me 🙂

      I just posted on Twitter that my evacuation plan = no evacuation plan. I didn’t survive 9.11 to be bested by some wind/rain. Hurricane Floyd was much worse (back in 1999) and we didn’t have any major damage. I’m hoping for another anti-climax this time around!

  2. I am a big fan of Converses, too, though the older I get, the less comfortable I think they are. They don’t offer much arch support.

    I am really digging the Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps. The next time I’m at the post office, I may pick up a sheet. The last cool stamps that I bought were ones featuring Gregory Peck.

    Susane, are you only handing out your cool new business cards to people in the publishing industry, or can readers request one?

    Stay safe! I’m sending good thoughts your way!

    • Copy that on the Chucks. They’ve always been uncomfortable, but I love their whole look/vibe. The things we do for fashion!

      I’ll be bringing my business cards to all events. They’re mainly for readers, teachers, and librarians to have my website. So if I ever see you at one of my events, you can snag one.

      Thanks for your good thoughts 🙂


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