big gay ice cream truck

I ordered a rich white husband at Big Gay last week.

Let’s back up.

If you’ve read So Much Closer, you may recall John’s shirt that says Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Big Gay is an actual ice cream truck run by Doug Quint. Doug is made of all things awesome, obvs. When I discovered his truck two years ago, there wasn’t really a line. Not too many people knew about the truck that serves things like wasabi pea dust and olive oil and bacon on ice cream.

But now everyone knows.

Here’s a typical Big Gay line:

And here’s what the line looks like at every other ice cream truck in Manhattan:

You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I first found Doug. It was like an urban legend that he existed and then suddenly he was there. I’m sure he doesn’t remember how I spazzed out over the need to put his truck in a book.

Fast-forward two years.

In the Venn Diagram of Big Gay fans and Susane Colasanti readers, the intersection probably only contains like three people because no one knows who I am and everyone knows Big Gay. So how impressed was I when a reader tweeted the page in So Much Closer mentioning Big Gay to Doug? Their pic:

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

I think I was on book tour at the time. I hadn’t visited the truck with a copy of the book for Doug yet. So that’s how Doug found out Big Gay made it into the book – on Twitter! You can follow Big Gay on Twitter for all the latest in tasty. Or to find out how Doug is celebrating his birthday today.

You’re probably wondering about the rich white husband I ordered. It’s vanilla ice cream with nuts, plus caramel and rainbow sprinkles. This girl in front of me ordered vanilla with nuts earlier in the summer. Doug was immediately like, “I’m calling that the rich white husband!” But I had to remind him what it was. That’s how awesome Doug is – so awesome that he can’t even keep track of all the awesome. Then I went ahead and added caramel to make my husband extra rich. And rainbow sprinkles because how can you not?

Doug Quint totally pulled a Justin Bieber. In just a few years, he blew up into a whole dazzling franchise. Doug is even opening a Big Gay store with his partner! This Daily Candy video gives you a sneak peek, including the biggest and gayest thing in the store. Big Gay all the way!

This is one success story that’s a major source of inspiration to me. It shows that whatever your big dream is, you can turn it into reality. You can make it happen. And people will be waiting to adore it.


8 thoughts on “big gay ice cream truck

  1. I LOVE ice cream and would love to try Big Gay one day. The next time I’m in NYC, I’ll have to look for the truck. I just checked our their website. Yummy! The Salty Pimp and Bea Arthur look really delicious. Have you tried either? I love the creative names for flavors!

    • After all the Big Gay celebray, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I only like sweet things on my ice cream. Nothing that would go on pasta. Nothing that could be found on a spice rack. But I will live vicariously through your taste tests if you find Big Gay next time you’re here! The truck usually parks on West 17th Street right off Union Square in the warm months. And I guess we’ll have the store all year 🙂

  2. Hey susane!!!! Okay: so I just wanted to say that I am THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM EATER IN THE WORLD!!!! I mean thank goodness that I’m not lactose intolerant! That would just be 1) gross and 2) sad cus I wouldn’t be able to eat in anymore! So there is this little ice cream shoppe like 10 minutes away and we have been going there like every Tuesday since I was old enough to eat ice cream: the people in there know our names and now how avid of an ice cream eater I am! My favorite from them is their Graham slam ice cream! Its Graham crackers smushed up and like all this other heavenly goodness! Then there is another that is a marshmallow flavored base with chunks of rice krispies!!! Also equally heavenly! So yes! And When I read your book I had never heard of big gay ice cream truck! I just thought you made it up! So I looked it up and much to my surprise….. It’s real!!!! Holy cow! So I just think tht ice cream is great and woah. Even better in a truck?!?! I mean, how convenient (except for that bad line you wait in!!)! So to sum this all up, I think that it’s great you are super devoted to Doug and his business as I am with my ice cream shoppe “even Stevens” (it’s not really called that so I don’t know where I got that name from when I was little, possibly the show?!)!! So whenever you come to collegeville, PA be sure to stop in there and when I go to NYC next, you bet I’ll be huntin down that dang truck for some ice cream!!!!!!!!! P.S. How did you like ONE DAY?!? Adorable right!!?! Gotta love you… I mean. Anne. Okay! Thts all!!! With love, Natalie from Philly xoxoxo =)

    • Okay, I need to have that Rice Krispies Treat ice cream immediately if not sooner. And I love graham crackers! That place sounds amazing.

      I’m seeing One Day later this week. Will def be letting you know what I think on Twitter 🙂

  3. Going to New York City is like my life long dream. I love my city, Hamilton (Ontario), but New York City is just…my DREAM. I read So Much Closer and I was like, I have to make this happen. So I asked my parents if they could take me and they said yes!! You have no idea how insanely happy I am right now. I am beyond excited. And of course, I’m definitely going to visit ALL those little places in your books. The High Line, Tribute in Light, Joe the Art of Coffee, BIG GAY ICE CREAM!!, NYU, Crumbs, and all that. :] Thank you so much for writing that wonderful book!


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