i know that you from jersey

Happy One Day Day! Are you seeing the movie this weekend? I’m actually not going until next week. The waiting is excruciating. Good thing I’m into anticipation.

Friendly neighbor Diana posted this video in the comments and I just had to post it again here for you. It’s a beyond hilarious clip of me – um, I mean Anne Hathaway – rapping about the paparazzi.

I love her even more for this.


9 thoughts on “i know that you from jersey

  1. Glad you enjoyed the video. I thought you, I mean Anne, did a pretty good job, what with not being a rapper and all. 😉 I like that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I know that some people think she’s too annoyingly perky, but I like that she’s a smiley and happy person.

    I wasn’t a regular visitor to this blog during the time that she and James Franco hosted the Oscars. How did you think they did?

    • As Anne’s secret sister and a fellow smiley happy girl, I really liked the energy she brought to the Oscars. I adore JF and was stoked they were hosting together. But he just seemed tired. Like her exuberant energy was draining his. The opening montage was awesome, though.

  2. WOW hahahahaha that is tooooo funny!!!! I never knew that anne had double-career! rapping AND acting AND doing them both so well!?! how do you do it, anne?!?! She was amazing in one day, susane. But then again, i have never seen her do badly in any movie: certainly not princess diaries!!!! She is amazing and so talented, and GORGEOUSSSS!!!!!!!!!! =) love you, susane! and ik that you will just LOVE one day, toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo, natalie from philly (again)

  3. p.s.- just noticed from looking at the header of your blog: the characters on the cover never show their faces and the title is always 3 words (which ik about before), but that is sooooo cool?!?!?! was the characters not showing their faces planned?!?! =) xoxoxo

  4. Susane, you’d mentioned that the paperback edition of So Much Closer will include some bonus material. Do the paperback editions of your first four books also include bonus material that wasn’t included in the hardcovers?

    • Not yet, but the paperback reprints will all have bonus material. I’ll let you know when my publisher is planning to put them out. I’m sorry that bonus material wasn’t in every book from the start!

      • Good to know. I have a few of your books in hardcover, but will wait to buy the paperback reprints with the bonus material.


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