so come on

Death Cab for Cutie had a concert at the Williamsburg Waterfront two nights ago. I was there.

You guys know how I worship the Death Cab.

Especially Transatlanticism. For those of you who’ve also played that CD on repeat so many times it can be classified as an addiction, you’ll be thrilled to know they did “Title and Registration,” “The New Year,” “We Looked Like Giants,” “The Sound of Settling,” (sorry, no “Passenger Seat”) and…of course…”Transatlanticism.”

I need you so much closer…

I need you so much closer…

Most. Intense. Song. Ever.

What was it like seeing Death Cab play “Transatlanticism” on that perfect summer night, Manhattan skyline glittering in the distance, thousands of eyes and hearts transfixed on every note?

It was one of those moments I already knew I’d never forget.

The entire concert was amazing. They kicked it old-school, plus threw in lots from Codes and Keys like my faves “You Are a Tourist” and “Doors Unlocked and Open.” I could write volumes of monumental proportions. But the best way to sum up the transcendental experience of that night is to leave you with this bit of wisdom:

We are one, we are alive!


8 thoughts on “so come on

  1. Oh my gosh! You are so lucky. To hear Transatlanticism live would definitely give me chills. I can just imagine the, “So come on, come on, come on,” moment.
    Glad their concert happened on a perfect night in NYC for you!
    Also, when I get to New York, I must experience all these awesome concerts you and Elizabeth Eulberg talk about! Apparently, concerts are way more intense there.

  2. Death Cab is on my list of bands that I must see in concert. I’m so glad that they still perform Transatlanticism because it’s my favorite album! It gives me chills just listening to it at home so I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be live!

  3. Oh my gosh! Death Cab is my all time favorite band!! I’m so jealous of you…I wish I could go to one of their concerts but I’d have to go to San Francisco most likely and that’s 6 hours away from me. Hopefully one day though!


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