one day

You know when you start a new book and by the second paragraph it’s obvious that you won’t be able to put it down? That happened with me and The Hunger Games. I wasn’t even expecting to like that book. I only started reading it because of peer pressure. Next thing I know, I’m glued to the page at four in the morning, eyes burning out of my head, not even caring how exhausted I was going to be the next day.

Most books don’t grab me so dramatically. Which made it even more thrilling to discover One Day.

First off, have I been living under a rock or something? David Nicholls has written two other books. Must. Obtain them. Immediately. I love his writing style. He’s so eloquent and hilarious and insightful and relatable…I can’t say enough good things about his phenomenal talent. Books that deal with time in unusual ways have always fascinated me. One Day tells the story of Em and Dex, Dex and Em, on July 15 every year for 20 years. It’s an amazing technique to pull off, and Nicholls does it expertly.

Fave quote: “It’s Helmut Lang.”

I could not be more excited for this movie. I’ve been avoiding the trailer because I want to be surprised by this one. Not that I’ll be surprised by what happens. But I want to wait to see how all the details translate to screen. I’m dreading the ending, though. NO SPOILERS – I will attempt vagueness. At first, I could not figure out why Nicholls chose to end the book that way. But now I think I do. It was a way of maintaining the goodness of their relationship. After that point, it didn’t sound like things would have stayed as happy.

Naturally, I had to spaz out with the movie poster. Since I’m in the movie and all.

Which books are YOU spazzing out over this summer?

12 thoughts on “one day

  1. Thanks for the recommendation for the book and the movie. I just finished the fourth book in Scott Westerfield’s Uglies series and loved it! And to think I stumbled upon his books by accident. There’s a coffee shop called It’s A Grind (not sure if it’s national) and they encourage their patrons to leave/borrow books. I picked up the Uglies out of curiosity; great summer reading for me, especially after the kids go to bed 🙂

    • What a cool book swap idea! I wish we had a coffeehouse like that here. We do have Housing Works, which is a combo coffeeshop/used bookstore. I’ve heard the Uglies is excellent – must get on that.

  2. This book caught my eye at Barnes and Nobles the other day when I was picking up my exciting summer reading books for school (-_-). It looks like a good book, but after reading the summary it reminded me a lot of Serendipity. I was like WOW! I’ve never seen this plot before! *cough, cough*. But I wouldn’t mind reading it anyway. Is it anything like Serendipity?

  3. I just started One Day a few days ago and haven’t gotten sucked in yet, so it nice to hear that you thought it was great — definitely makes me want to finish it now! Thanks.

  4. I saw the movie ad somewhere and knew I’d like it… good casting, too… but did not know it is a book! Love that idea. The way this one plays with time/dates reminds me a little of 500 Days of Summer and the Time-Traveler’s Wife. I haven’t read My Name is Memory yet either, but it sounds like another epic love story, and by the Traveling Pants author. Too many things on my book list!!

  5. Oh my word!!! No idea that one day was a movie!!!! But it comes out in two days!!! I seriously cannot wait! I love Anne hathaway- gorgeous (and she looks like YOU!! Which I’m sure you’ve heard millions of times before- which is a HUGE complement!!!) and Jim sturgess. Wow. He is such a cutie!!!! Ahhh! Put those two gorgeous human beings ttogether AND add a wonderful place to film AND British accents- I will be surprised if this isn’t a kick a** movie!!!! Can’t wait!!!!! Ahhhh! And that picture of you infront of that picture is too funny!! It’s like they should cut Anne out and put you there instead! Hahahaha well that’s all! Xoxoxo, Natalie from Philly (yet again-hahaha) ❤


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