fangirl in the nabe

When I found out Meg Cabot was having her pub day event for Overbite right here in my neighborhood, I immediately planned my entire life around attending. First off, Meg is so freaking adorable you could watch her for hours. Also:

1. She always wears cute dresses with pretty shoes.

2. She has lots of pep and zing.

3. She sparkles like a princess.

Another thing I like about Meg is that she’s not shy about wearing her glasses. Smart chicks know that glasses are cool. Right when I went up to Meg she said, “I was noticing your glasses.” And I was like, “I was noticing your glasses.” Then we took a moment to admire our matching glasses. And of course document. See how Meg sparkles?

Meg Cabot and Susane Colasanti

Yes, that is Meg Cabot holding my book. Why? Because I gave her an acknowledgment and wanted her to have a copy. I asked Meg to sign Boy Meets Girl. If you haven’t read it, you need to get right on that.

As if getting to see Meg and her fabulous presentation and gorgeous wardrobe weren’t enough, something else happened. The girl who was sitting to my right (hey, Samantha!) saw the copy of So Much Closer I brought for Meg. She goes, “I like her books.” So naturally I’m thinking she’s talking about Meg’s books. But she was looking at my book. So I was like, “Oh, you mean…thanks. That’s, um, me.” I couldn’t process what was happening. And then – you’re not even going to believe this. A group of girls sitting to my left had all read my books, too. They totally knew who I was! I was at a Meg Cabot event with people who’d read my books! How wild is that?

Then I was walking home and someone yelled, “Ms. Colasanti!” I was not surprised an old student was calling me. I’ve run into tons of old students in my nabe. Which at first was really strange because the West Village is pretty far from the South Bronx. Now I’m just used to it. It would have been even more awesome to hear him yell, “Mrs. Krasinski!” like the old days. But, you know. It’s all good. He turned out to be this kid Raul who I was just taking about with some other old students at Sprinkles. Raul used to say that I looked like “the Princess Diaries girl.” And now here he was years later on the street, right after Meg’s reading. Full circle.

Yesterday was exciting, too. I had lunch with Kiefer Sutherland:

Kiefer Sutherland and Susane Colasanti...or not

Okay. That’s not really me. That’s Kiefer’s girlfriend. But does she not totally look like me?! I know! The first time I saw this pic I was like, “When did I have lunch with Jack Bauer?” And when I posted it on my blog a while ago, people were commenting that they thought it was me before they read the post. There’s a rumor going around that they broke up. And I do look a lot like her. Kiefer and I have a mutual friend who says every time he sees her, he does a double-take. And Kiefer is my neighbor. Hmmm…

Kiefer’s not even here, though. He’s in LA filming a pilot. So when my friend Jim and I (aka the biggest 24 fans in the history of the world) were walking by his house, I didn’t feel like too much of a crazy stalker sitting on his stoop for a minute. How cool is his bienvenue mat? When you are Canadian, it is appropriate to welcome people in French. Clearly, I felt welcomed enough to document Jack Bauer’s stoop for you:

Now I must go secure the perimeter. We have a visual on the suspect. Actually, I must go secure this draft because I have a visual on my deadline. Copy that.