summer of reinvention

Was it just me, or were the fireworks extra bright and shimmery last night? I’m still smiling over the smiley face ones. Those are my faves along with the hearts (totally saw them) and peace signs (think I saw them, but that could have been wishful thinking). Something Like Fate readers might remember that Lani also enjoyed the smiley face ones. Which is a good example of how real life sneaks into my books!

If you’re on summer vacay, you ideally have two whole months to relax. Enjoy and recharge! But if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking about how you can reinvent yourself this summer. That was my goal every year. The first day of summer vacay, I would strategize how to be a whole new person when I went back to school. Not that my attempts were ever successful. I’d get swept up in hot, lazy days of reading and watching TV and going down the shore, and before I knew it school would be starting again. The only time I actually made any progress was the summer before college. That’s when I started working out (old-school aerobics – hello, 1991!) and shifting towards being a vegetarian. But until that summer, it was like reinvention FAIL.

Please do not be as lame as I was. If you want a summer of reinvention, the time to start is now. This is your chance to make some big changes in your life. Not necessarily the big changes everyone else insists you should be making the rest of the year. Summertime is your time. It’s your time to step back, take a few deep breaths, and reflect on what’s most important to you. Decide what your #1 goal is for this summer. Then take a step towards that goal every day. Starting today.

The hardest part of reinvention is breaking bad habits. Or even just breaking habits. I’m a fan of routine. It’s really hard to get me to walk down a block I normally don’t. But the other night I was taking a walk with my neighbor and he wanted to walk down this one street I hadn’t walked down in a while. So we did…and guess what? There’s a new tea house! With like 20 kinds of green tea! And did I mention it’s two blocks from my place?

Or get this. Friends were visiting a few days ago. I wanted to take them to Westville for brunch, but it was closed. So we were wandering around figuring out where to go and ended up walking in a circle. Except the circle was one block higher than I normally walk. And guess what we found one block up from my gym?

A shiny new place dedicated to sno-balls! It’s called Imperial Woodpecker, it’s so freaking cute you can’t believe it, and they have the most delicious flavors ever. What’s better than shaved ice in the summertime? And it’s just one block up from a place I go three or four times a week. Just one block up and I probably would have never found it if we hadn’t been wandering around that day. I had a birthday cake sno-ball. Dude, it tasted exactly like birthday cake. How do they do that? I do not know. All I know is that I will be living there this summer. So many flavors to try.

I hope you’ll be enjoying some sno-balls, too. And if you’ve been thinking about making this a summer of reinvention, I’d love to know how it goes. Please keep me posted. We can work together. While I’m not exactly reinventing myself this summer, I am polishing my new book. So we’ll be working on making things shiny and new together. Ready? Let your colors burst!

10 thoughts on “summer of reinvention

  1. You know, I feel like I would be overwhelmed living in a city like New York (heck, I can barely handle it in Chicago!) but your neighborhood sounds SOOOO adorable. I think I’d be OK there.

    • You’d love it! My neighborhood is just so cute and unique. It’s amazing how many new things I’m constantly discovering here. But at the same time, it has a small-town feel. The Village really does feel like a little village in the big city.

  2. Somehow your mega inspiring blog posts seem to come just when I need them. You’re probably psychic. Guess you’ve just talked me into going to check out my new apartment building’s workout room. Maybe I’ll use the treadmill. I guess I will. But only because I was too lazy before and now you’ve talked me into it. I guess you’re pretty good with words. That’s probably why you’re one of YA’s favorite authors. 🙂

  3. New to your blog, new to your work, and new to being a YA writer! It’s actually my summer of reinvention also (screenwriting to books), so it’s great to read your fun post. And it makes me want sno-balls, which may or may not exist in Los Angeles!


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