Greetings, friendly neighbors!  Welcome to my shiny new blog.  For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, thank you for moving over here with me.  Please leave a comment to let me know you’ve found me.  And for any new readers out there, thanks for stopping by.

In addition to a clean, fresh look, the blog has some cool new features.  Down the column at the right you will find:

1.  My latest news right at the top.  As soon as I can share stuff like pub dates, tour info, and the title of my new book, I’ll post everything right there.

2.  The connect section has links my my website, Facebook, fan page, Twitter, YouTube, and Goodreads.  You can also share posts directly on Facebook and Twitter.

3.  In the notifications section, there’s a subscribe button where you can sign up to receive email notifications of new blog posts.

4.  RSS feeds.

5.  A search box.  There’s also a search box at the upper right corner of the home page.

6.  All of my tags from the old blog made the move.  This is good news for those of you who use tags to search.  I’ve been using tags since I started blogging and I think they’re really helpful.

7.  All of my archives are in the house!  I’m still going through them to replace a few photos that didn’t make it over, insert YouTube videos that were stripped out, and remove random codes, but for the most part they’re intact and ready to explore.

So yay!  I’m excited for this change.  Actually, my breakup with LiveJournal was overdue. LJ had cooties.  Their spam filter was attacked and they never recovered, causing my blog to be inundated with corroded comments.  But I’m going to keep that account for a while to give everyone a chance to find me here and change their bookmarks.  I love the fresh look, the fonts, the simple design.  And how I was able to create my own header image in Photoshop.  Nice, WordPress.  Snaps for you.

I’ll be posting a contest soon to celebrate this new home.  But for now, please do leave a comment so I know you’re here!

Update: Could LJ be any more corroded? My photos were fine yesterday, but right now you can’t see them because they were uploaded to LJ and LJ is having problems with their pics showing up. See what I mean? Sorry about that. This has happened with LJ before. They usually fix the problem within a day, so please check back soon!

Update to the update: My pictures are back! I told LJ on Twitter that they could keep my CDs if they gave me back my pictures. I guess they’re over their little snit fit.

37 thoughts on “welcome!

  1. Hello, Ms. Colasanti. (; It’s your dedicated fan, Katie! I’ve noticed I’ve been quite freakazoidal… Totally fangirling. Sorry. I think you’re awesome. I’ve completed my Susane Colasanti book collection! So proud of myself… Well, actually, of you, but ya know.

    I’m here. Now, I will slowly disappear.

    (Don’t worry, I think the freaky chick’s gone.)

    • Absolutely! Just let me know when you’re ready. As for where…do you know of any comfy couches in outdoor gardens, maybe someplace that serves the best mac ‘n cheese in New York? Because we could go there. If you did.

  2. Wow, I like the new blog. I’m somewhat of a new fan, but I’ve been reading like made to catch up. You’ve made it painless though. I love your work and I’m looking forward to keeping up with you now.
    Have a spectacular week!

  3. Love it! As an aspiring writer of teen fiction, I’ve been wondering if I should settle a blog on LJ, or go to WP with all it’s customizability and cool hacks, and you have helped me make my decision! You’re always an inspirational writer to follow. 🙂

    • SO glad. Like right now you can’t see any of my pictures because LJ is having problems. Again. I know they’re bitter about our breakup, but do they really need to take it out on my readers? Snit fit much?

  4. Hey Susane! I’m glad you let me know you moved your blog and made it so easy for me to make the switch, whoo hoo! I love reading about your life as an author so keep on writing. It’s cool to feel like you know the author of the books you love to read :). Oh and btw, I am sad because the email account that I sent you an email on about 2 years ago is now gone so I don’t have the email you sent me anymore :(. But Waiting For You is still my 18th birthday book and I still love how well I can relate to it. So thank YOU!!
    Noelle 🙂

    • Hey Noelle! Thanks for making the move with me. I really appreciate it.

      Losing all of your old email must have been a drag. That’s why I print out all the email I get from readers – I’m paranoid it might disappear!

      • You know, I need to be more practical, seriously. Normally I am, but oh well :). I won’t make that mistake next time, I hope!

  5. Glad to follow you over here instead of LJ 🙂 love the new layout and always look forward to your posts!

    ~Holly (aka arielsong)


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