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If you take like 100 pictures of me, you might get two good ones. Might. I just look like such a dork in pictures. Which is always a challenge when I have to submit a new author photo. Some authors use the same picture over and over. If I had a really good one, I’d probably do the same thing. But I like the idea of having a fresh photo on each book. That way I still look like the same person and all.

My past author photos were all taken by important people in my life. I liked the idea of the casual street shot, or snapping a few spontaneous pics at Chat ‘n Chew. And having people I love take those photos meant a lot to me.

But the problem of my extreme dorkitude persisted.

So last year I promised myself that when I was done with Invisalign, I’d get my first professional author photos taken. Fellow YA author (and a true gentleman – book nerd joke!) Michael Northrop had some profesh photos done. They were really good. I wanted his photographer. Fortunately, I was able to hook that up. If you’re looking for a profesh photographer based in New York, I highly recommend Matthew Rodgers Photography. He’s super fun to work with and has a sharp eye for warm light. Here’s what Matthew was able to do with me:

Photo of Susane Colasanti by Matthew Rodgers

He’s working on a few other shots, but this is my fave. All ready for book six!

If you’ve seen me at an event, you know I love to get my bling on. A few of you were asking about my ring when I posted this pic on Facebook. True, it has a vintage look. But it’s totally from Forever 21. Same with the necklaces. Forever 21 has such pretty necklaces lately that I can’t go in without getting one. Or, um, four. Even though I have more than enough necklaces. Oh, and if you see this photo on every single one of my books from now until I’m 73? Would you blame me?

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