happy spring, happy mash, happy table

Yay, it’s the Return of Spring! Early Summer was oppressing us with these hot, humid days everyone was over after like five minutes. People kept saying that we didn’t have spring. I kept insisting that spring would be back. And now it is! I’m hoping spring will decide to stick around for its official three more weeks. Spring is my favorite season. I am very happy right now.

Well. I’d be happier if I could actually go out and enjoy the springtime that is happening beyond my apartment. The cool breeze blowing in my windows is nice, but I’m looking forward to handing in this revision and taking a few days off. We’re on Day 8 of the 10 Day Challenge Throwdown. Things are looking good. Really good – I spoke with my UK editor at Scholastic in London this morning. She is amazing. I love how she’s into collaborating and getting to know her authors. I’m thrilled to finally have some good news for my English readers! Two of my books are coming out for you next year. The UK edition of When It Happens will be out in May 2012, followed by So Much Closer in September 2012.

In other book news, Forever YA asked me about my inspiration for So Much Closer. They wanted to know if I think moving for a boy is okay. First off, if you haven’t visited Forever YA you need to get over there immediately if not sooner. Freaking. Adorable. Site. Second, I’m really happy they asked. This is a controversial topic. I didn’t expect the discussion to get quite so heated, but I love that my book is inspiring debate! You can read my response, plus find out which fictional characters I’d select for my own Ocean’s Eleven and all sorts of other fun stuff, here. And P.S.? Their MASH game results made me entirely too happy. Seriously, I am still smiling over them.

Keeping today’s happy theme going, I’ll leave you with this display table I found at Barnes & Noble. Just chillin with my girls…

Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti books at Barnes & Noble

2 thoughts on “happy spring, happy mash, happy table

  1. This one was excellent! I LOVE your answer to the first question… it’s almost exactly what I would have answered. I think the difference in teen’s brains during that period is tremendously important to remember, and that moving to NYC ultimately led to better things for Brooke (and you!). Of course, it might have been different if the girl moved to the middle of nowhere for a guy! I also think that girls like Brooke really DO make those decisions in the real world (even if people find them controversial), and portraying it is brave, because it’s bound to inspire criticism from some, but it still happens.
    Laughed when I saw that you’re now including Jon Hamm! You continue to have the same taste as my best friend. LOL. I have a Mad Men calendar and desktop background right now.

    • Exactly. I think a lot of adults critique teen novels through a grownup lens, which doesn’t really apply to the decisions teens are making. This was probably my fave interview ever – love Forever YA! Their whole site is incredible.


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