llevame alli

It’s been hectic times around here, friendly neighbors. But hectic in a good way. I met with my editors last week about the next revision of book six. I am beyond excited about this new book. For those of you who’ve asked, yes, it has a title, but I can’t share it yet. And yes, it will be out next year! It usually takes me about six weeks to do a revision. Not this time. This time I have, oh, 10 days. It’s a 10 Day Deadline Challenge Throwdown and I’m determined to not let it squash me like a bug. So how’s it been going? Actually, pretty well. I got a ton of work done over the long weekend. The construction workers who are resurfacing the entire exterior of my building and drilling into the brick outside my window were off and no one was around and I went into throwdown mode. Here we are at day five. It’s deadline vs. drill. Game on.

Of course, other stuff is happening. Like my readers being freaking awesome. Sparkly warm fuzzies go out to everyone who’s told me about visiting some of the New York City locations featured in So Much Closer. That rules! I’ve been hearing from dedicated readers who went to the High Line or Crumbs or Big Gay Ice Cream Truck after reading the book. Can I just say how amazing that is? You know that realistic fiction is my thing. I love incorporating actual places into my books. And I was especially psyched about this book because it gave me a chance to share the things I love most about New York City with you. Your sense of adventure is impressive. Thank you so much for embracing the energy. And for sharing your experiences with me.

More sparkly warm fuzzies go out to book bloggers who have posted reviews of So Much Closer. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. I really, really appreciate everyone who has posted about the book or shared it with your friends. In case you’re into reviews, here are some new ones:

Finally, I’m thrilled that my books are starting to be published in Spanish! Take Me There comes out in a few weeks. How much do I adore this cover?

Llevame Alli by Susane Colasanti - Take Me There Spanish edition

Cupcakes! On the cover of my book! My incredible Spanish publisher even made a page for Take Me There (which translates to Llevame Alli). You can also read the first chapter in Spanish here. I love all the fun graphics they used. Something Like Fate is next up for a Spanish translation. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Dude, tomorrow is already June. For those of you getting out of school soon, congrats! You’re almost there! And for those of you already enjoying your summer vacay, savor it. Kick back, relax, and dive into your pile of summer reading. My summer reading pile is already waiting for me. I’ll be joining you soon…

8 thoughts on “llevame alli

  1. I’m really happy you liked the design! The cupcakes are “coming out of the oven” soon, soon, soon.

  2. Thanks for posting a link to my review, Susane. It was a great surprise. 🙂
    Oh…and those cupcakes look sooo good. Too bad (or is that a good thing) that pictures aren’t edible.

  3. Fortunately, this revision does not require the Jaws of Life. It’s mainly moving parts around. I am SO relieved I set up storyboards with Post-its when I was writing this book. It’s making revising way easier!

  4. Oh yeah, I remember that pic! I think I put Dwight next to a copyedited ms before copyediting was done on-screen.
    After I submit a first draft to my editors, we all meet to discuss the changes they’d like to see in my revision. My first two books needed several revisions. At this point, I’m doing like two or three revisions before line-editing starts. How exactly to revise depends on your own preferences. I basically just update my chapter outline and go from there. Although I do have storyboards for this book with Post-its. In the midst of this Deadline Challenge Throwdown, I’m really happy I made them!

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