stupid signage

It all started with a vegetable.

My corner deli had a brand new awning made. It is green. It is huge. And it says something like this right across the front:

“Deli, groceries, beer, snacks, vegetable.”

Dude. They have one vegetable.

Really? Just one?

As my friend Rachel Vail said, You better go in quick and snatch that vegetable up before someone else gets it!

Actually, this all started way before the vegetable. I’ve always been extremely annoyed by typos. Typos in books are bad. But typos on signs? Are the worst. Those typos are like nails on the chalkboard to me. They grate on my nerves and every time I see them they irritate me all over again. Whenever I see a typo on a store’s sign, I’ll tell the person working there about it and how it should be fixed so we don’t perpetuate the stupid.

Yeah. I’m that girl.

Not that they care. No one ever changes their signs. Even the handwritten ones that would take two seconds to correct. What makes me sad about the vegetable example is…well, so many things, but mainly that they just spent all this money on a new awning and didn’t even bother to proofread. It’s like with the grocery store around the corner. They just did a whole big renovation. Now they have street signs hanging above the aisles. One the the signs says “Bleecker Street.” Or it’s supposed to say “Bleecker Street.” Tragically, it says “Bleeker Street.”

And they’re one block from Bleecker Street.

Seriously? You couldn’t walk one block to check how to spell Bleecker Street? Or freaking Google it?! How hard would that have been?!?

Before I puff up in an even bigger rant, let me leave you with this image. It’s the new (of course) awning of my fave vegetarian restaurant. It speaks volumes all by itself.

Vegetarian's Paradise awning

6 thoughts on “stupid signage

  1. You’re in the clear. An Evite is one thing. We all make mistakes. I’ve had a bunch on display right here! But a sign that tons of people see every day? Or a freaking awning you just paid hundreds of dollars for? There’s no excuse.

  2. Me too!
    There’s a CVS nearby our house and on their flashing sign it said “Chamin Toilet paper…” I called to inform them they were missing an R and even if they weren’t, there was no such product called “chamin” but they said they weren’t in the position to do anything about it.
    It bothers me too, but less like nails on the chalkboard and more like “With all the technology how come people aren’t more literate? Spellcheck, dictionaries, etc. are at your fingertips people!”

  3. Yeah, typos really bug me, too. Especially when I’m reading a final printed book, and I catch about three typos in (unnamed author..not you!)’s new book…and she’s written many books so she’s well known and they make a lot of copies! It was really sad. šŸ˜¦
    On a better note, I finished your book last night and I really want my own wish box now!! šŸ™‚

  4. You would LOVE having your own wish box! I’ve had mine forever. It’s interesting to watch how the things you put inside evolve over the years.


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