challenge throwdown

I was able to come home last night before heading out for the next part of my tour today. There were tons of huge movie trailers all on my street. I’m keeping an eye out for Jake Gyllenhaal or any other potential husbands.

Coming home in between tour events is always appreciated. I only travel with two carry-ons. This requires the need to replenish supplies after a few days. Being the organization freak that I am, I love hearing about other author’s packing habits and seeing their luggage. Here’s mine:

My Baggallini bags are made of awesome

These Baggallini bags have been traveling with me for years. The top one has a panel on the back that slides down on the handle of the bottom one. The top one has a waterproof compartment and the bottom one has tons of nooks and pockets. Flight attendants use them because they wheel down airplane aisles with just enough room to spare. Plus they both fit under airplane seats. I find the watermelon color to be essential. Your bags should stand out among all the black ones, even if you don’t check them.

My next tour stop is Philadelphia. Tomorrow is going to be the Craziest Day Ever. I’m getting up at 5:00 (which is outrageous), doing four school events (two each at two schools), a bookstore event, and then taking the train back which gets in at like 10:00. Now, you know I love being on tour and getting to meet my people. But this 17-hour day will be a challenge.

Challenge throwdown received.

Challenge throwdown accepted.

Will I see you at my event tomorrow? It sounds super fun! Harleysville Books is throwing a Teen Girls Night Out with refreshments and a local band. This is a ticketed event – you can purchase tickets at the bookstore. Here’s where it is:

Friday, May 6 – 6:00 pm
Harleysville Books
672 Main Street
Harleysville, PA 19438
Phone: 215.256.9311

Today is day four of my blog tour. Check out my guest post at The Story Siren and leave a comment to win a copy of So Much Closer.

As for tonight, I’ll get to chill with my friend Mike in Philly. Fun times with friends are recommended before facing a challenge. And annihilating that challenge. So bring it, Craziest Day Ever! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t taunt…

10 thoughts on “challenge throwdown

  1. Your luggage is fabulous! I don’t travel much, but I still went to the website to see what else they had and they have handbags!
    I also love your tags they look so durable and permanent like you use them often (which I’m sure you do). Not like those flimsy paper ones that I only need to make it to and back from one destination before I get rid of it.

    • All of them have let me so far! My two bags are basically like one normal sized roller bag that splits in two. So I think they count them as a carry-on (the bottom one) and a personal item (the top one). I really, really hope these bags keep lasting – it’s so hard to find good ones this size.


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