good day

Today is a very good day. First off, So Much Closer comes out tomorrow! I’m getting ready for my bookstore events by selecting readings. And reading over what I wrote like a year ago – it’s been a while. The first event of my book tour is tomorrow in New Jersey:

May 3 – 5:00 pm
River Road Books

759 River Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

There will be good pizza. There will be good times. This is a ticketed event, so please call 732.747.9455 to RSVP.

Why else is today a good day? Well, it’s day one of my blog tour!

So Much Closer blog tour

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be stopping by one book blog each day to share some special New York City places and things from So Much Closer. You can win a signed hardcover copy of the book at each blog tour stop just by leaving a comment (the bloggers will give you comment topics – very Coffee Talk). The blog tour kicks off today at Alley of Books.

That’s not the only place you can win my new book. Adventures in Children’s Publishing is hosting a giveaway, too. Check out their post featuring lots of hot YA book releases this week.

Yesterday was a good day, too. Last time I blogged I explained about redefining my birthday. Mission accomplished on so many levels. About two years ago, I reconnected with a friend of mine from high school. I saw Paula last time I was in New Jersey and we had a blast. Yesterday we took a short drive to the town where I’m setting book seven. The Knowing definitely had me on this one. It’s a lot like I was picturing, with some unexpected twists that will make for awesome writing. We found this old-school variety store with Ms. Pac-Man (which of course we had to play) and a vintage photo booth (which of course we had to use) and Lunch Lady action figures (which come with serving utensils). Here, Paula displays the Lunch Lady for you:

Paula and the Lunch Lady

But yesterday wasn’t just a good day. It was a historic day. May Day was redefined beyond my wildest dreams. It was the day that Osama bin Laden was finally done. It’s also the day Adlof Hitler was captured. So from now on, I’ll think of May Day as a symbol of good over evil. Best. Birthday. Ever.

10 thoughts on “good day

  1. Awesome!
    You chose the Lunch Lady Pic! Classic! Coffee tawk! Love it! Hurrah for May Day redefined! Luv you my friend!

      • Please tell me they have a teacher!
        Too funny. Will have to find one if they do.Happy Belated Birthday!
        So I’m super excited because Hello it’s now official release day and I just got hired at a book store where I can make sure we sell tons of copies and tell everyone how good of a writer you are =) It’s the perfect minimum wage job for me… so perfect I don’t even care it’s minimum wage. So that being said. Who do we need to contact about getting you to come here for a book signing? It’s in Delaware btw.

        • Re: Please tell me they have a teacher!
          You’re right, it’s totally something like fate that you’re working there! I really appreciate you spreading the word about my books. And I’d love to come over for an event! Please email my publicist to make a request. Her info is on my website.
          Not sure about the teacher. There were several different action figures in that line. If they don’t have a teacher, they obvs should.

    • Thanks! The Universe was totally in charge of the research trip. I thought about using this town a year ago, and now I know it was the right choice. But like duh, I had a Knowing about it all along…


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