switching gears

In between deciding not to attend my 20th high school reunion (seeing everyone who tormented me every day sounds super fun, but I think I’ll pass) and drooling over my new MacBook Pro (the back-lit keyboard! the speed!), I’ve been switching work gears. I just handed in a revision of book six – for which I have a title, but cannot yet reveal – and am now getting ready for my book tour. I’m doing LOTS of school visits on this tour. I’m beyond stoked to get back into schools and chill with my people. A new seminar/workshop has been taking shape over the past couple of years that I’ll be presenting on my school visits. So over the next two weeks, I get to focus on putting that together. I’ll be using Keynote, which looks like a much cooler version of PowerPoint. Picking out fonts and colors and photos is going to be a blast!

My book tour starts on May 3 with a sweet pub day event at River Road Books in Fair Haven, NJ. We didn’t have the details finalized when I announced my tour schedule, but now I have an update for you about this event. It starts at 5:00. There will be pizza. We’ll kick back and discuss matters of importance. Or how cool it is that James Franco will be teaching at NYU next semester and I live two blocks away and will probably be running into him all the time. Or just, you know, whatever you want. This is a ticketed event, so if you’re planning on going please call River Road at 732.747.9455 to RSVP. You can find my complete book tour schedule here.

Also exciting: My new Flip cam. After an intricate process involving screen grabs and color palettes, I’ve designed a customized one I adore. First, I took the stripey spine artwork from Something Like Fate. Then I played with various designs to see which part of the stripes would look best on the cam. Some possibilities were:

Something Like Fate Flip cam design   Something Like Fate Flip cam design

Something Like Fate Flip cam design   Something Like Fate Flip cam design

Obviously, I had a hard time choosing. But in the end I went with the first one. Which I will be using on the High Line this summer to film a video about So Much Closer. And an author video next week. Until then, you can watch the adorable So Much Closer book trailer.

In other book news, I just signed a five-book deal to publish all of my books in Brazil. This is crazy exciting. I get lots of email from people in Brazil who want to read my books. Now I finally have some good news for them! When I posted this on Facebook, I got 70 likes and 27 comments. Which supports a theory I have. Do you think blogs are a bit outdated? I’m noticing way more activity on Facebook and Twitter and less over here. Maybe it’s partially because LiveJournal has been the victim of several large security attacks lately and hasn’t been working as well. Which is such a shame. It would be awesome to keep my blog here, but I won’t be able to for much longer. No worries – the changes I’ll be making will be better for all of us, plus you’ll still find my blog here. But I’ll fill you in on the changes after my book tour. For now, I’m just wondering if people are switching social media gears even more and only want short snippets of info instead of longer blog posts. In any case, I’ll still be blogging, and I hope you will still be reading!

35 thoughts on “switching gears

  1. That flip video is so adorable! And NO, blogging is not oudated! Everyone still loves reading blog posts! Try switching to Blogger if you can’t use Live Journal anymore…that’s the site that I, and lots of other book bloggers, use. Keep it up because we all ❤ you!

    • Thanks for the support! I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t start out on Blogger. It looks like I’ll be moving to WordPress. They’ll let me transfer all of my tags as well as archives. But I’ll take another look at Blogger and see if I can transfer my tags there.

  2. Totally love the Blog
    I love the blog it is so much fun to sit down every week or so and read about what is going on in some one else’s life (especially when it is in new york and sometimes refers to sparkly gel pens and John Mayer).Please keep the Blog I love it!

  3. I follow you on twitter and I usually just log in and read all your tweets at once, but whenever you post a new blog link, I get way more excited by that than a page full of new tweets.

    • I get LJ’s weekly newsletter, so that’s how I found out. Apparently, there have been several big attacks recently from zombie computers. That’s why we haven’t been able to access LJ 24/7. It’s also why there have been so many spam comments! I’m like, Why don’t you talk about those in your newsletter instead of stupid stuff no one’s going to care about because they’ve moved, LJ. They’re seriously going to lose a lot of us if they don’t shape up.

  4. Something like fate contest
    1) I will read When it happens and Waiting for you that I have just checked out of the library for the third time. LOVE YOUR WRITING
    2) I will study for my high school and college classes.
    3)I will spend time with my family.

  5. Oh no, I love your LJ posts! Your layout is so pretty, the tags make it easy to maneuver around, and it’s just fun to read longer posts instead of short tweets and the like. Please keep the LJ 🙂

    • Aside from the spam attacks and inability to access LJ, the thing I’m most bummed about is losing the layout. I love this layout! But people have to be able to click over here and read my blog whenever they want, which they weren’t able to do a few times in the past month. But no worries – I will definitely keep blogging! And once the move has been made, I’ll try to keep this LJ open for a while.

  6. Please keep your blog!! I look forward to reading it and check every day to see if a new entry is up. I feel like Facebook and Twitter posts can be so inpersonal, and I love reading your longer inspiring passages when I am going through a rough day (I’m in high school, there are alot of them). Your blog is always so positive and creative, and I love looking at snippets into the life of my favorite author and a NYC girl!

  7. Don’t leave LJ! I’m sure a lot of younger readers follow you on FB. And, actually, a lot of older ones, too. But some people, like me, prefer blogs because there’s more information. I love to read long journal entries like this one. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be your friend on LJ. I think most people want shorter info, but there’s still those of us who want the longer version 🙂

  8. Yeah, I skipped my high school reunions too when they sent me a questionnaire to list all my magical high school moments and I realized I didn’t have any!
    Cool Flip. I love mine. Good thing you got it before those idiots at Cisco killed the company.Should last you awhile.
    Brazil! I have a book coming out there. Hope they ask you to come down for a tour. Wouldn’t that be nice…
    Keep on blogging!

    • Dude, it would be righteous for Brazil to be part of a tour. Those readers are so passionate!
      Do you know why the Flip cam got canceled? Everyone who has one says how awesome they are. Why would they shut down something that’s working?

  9. I love long blogs! I use facebook and twitter a lot but I don’t check what authors post on their facebook unless they end up in my news feed. I think that it’s just weird to say something short like “Nice” or “Like this post” for a blog… and facebook makes it convenient to just hit the ‘like’ button.

  10. oldie
    So, perhaps I’m just old before my time, but twitter isn’t enough for me. And most of the posts I read on my feed are like reading another language. Between all the # and the @, I’m so confused. I need complete sentences. I need thoughtful phrases. I need a blog. And yours is awesome, so you should keep it in one form or another. I’m a huge fan…and apparently an old farty grown up, too.

  11. I definitely prefer longer blog posts to tweets and Facebook status updates, so I’m glad you’re going to keep blogging. Your posts always brighten my friends list.

  12. Yeah, I think you made a good choice. I never really read any blog up until, what? last week? but ive always been very involved with facebook.

    • When Facebook’s News Feed came out I was like, Really? Do we really need all that noise? But now I totally get it. There’s no way we’re going to every single friend’s page to see if they’ve updated. FB is just such an easy way for everyone to stay connected.

  13. So many congratulations on the five-book deal in Brazil!!!! That is AMAZING. Really, really exciting to see your books jet all over the world in their translated versions.
    I saw that our Ref librarians pre-ordered So Much Closer, so I know it’s coming, probably a bit before the release date (since we get them early, lol). But I’m pre-ordering yours from Amazon anyway.
    About blogs – I feel like I can be more anonymous when I make comments over here, but I see you and Sarah are both switching in some capacity. I do check FB more often.

    • Thank you!
      LJ is so busted right now. Between the heaps of spam and the security attacks, it’s just not the best place for me anymore. I know the change will be better for everyone. But yeah, it’s all about shorter snippets of info in consolidated locations these days. Facebook and Twitter are it, but I wonder what new formats will be tagged after them?


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