spring things

After much waiting and wishing and longing and hoping…

Spring. Is. Here.

*throws sparkly confetti at spring*

Yay yay and YAY! Even though this winter didn’t feel as relentless as usual, the vernal equinox remains my favorite holiday. In celebration of the first full day of spring, here are some things that are making me smile.

1. The ginormous Books of Wonder signing yesterday. I was really impressed that Tricia of The Truth About Books! and Miranda of Just Read Books traveled so far to be there. They even made me a gorgeous sparkly star box and decorated journal as gifts for, like, no reason other than that they are awesome. Renee of The Book Girl Reviews was also in the house. She’s been to every ginormous Books of Wonder signing since our first. That’s hot.

2. The Compulsive Reader’s review of So Much Closer. “So Much Closer is an unexpected, funny, and real novel that is charged with energy and life.” Sweet!

3. Sunset is now after 7:00.

4. My new iPod Touch case. Lily had the cutest iPhone case on How I Met Your Mother. I just had to have it for my iPod. Google magic led me straight to it. Well, almost. They don’t carry her exact one anymore (white with a pink flower), so I got the next best one (turquoise with a white flower). Or maybe the purple one was the best? Or the one with little hearts…

5. Red pandas frolicking in the snow, super moon photos from around the world, and pretty much everything else on The Mary Sue. A guide to girl geek culture indeed.

6. Fresh lavender from the greenmarket. Lavender makes me happy.

7. Three of my books are going to be published in Indonesia! I have a feeling those will be some super interesting covers.

8. The narrators for the new When It Happens, Take Me There, and Waiting for You audiobooks. They’re all so perfect I can’t even tell you.

9. Zumba! I’ve only gone to two classes and I’m already hooked. I’ve never seen the studio so packed. There’s like 100 of us in there. Gym crowds usually annoy me to the point where I avoid night gym classes. But Zumba is so freaking fun that I don’t even care. When a good workout is also a party, that rules.

10. The first mourning dove of the season has been heard. Check out this fat and fluffy one.

Wishing you a spring filled with good times and exciting adventures!


6 thoughts on “spring things

  1. Spring in NYC
    I’m excited for April because March is lame weather wise! but april should be better and it does make me happy that it gets dark later. at least when i go on my break at work it’s still light out!


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