What am I doing right now? Or, just admiring a finished copy of So Much Closer! Even though it doesn’t come out until May 3, my publisher got a few early copies in. Of course I had to stand there in the lobby like the big book nerd I am and document it for you:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti at the Penguin offices

Now it feels real.

Because I am a big book nerd, I must also report that underneath the gorgeous book jacket (love that stripey spine!), the cover is lavender with pink foil lettering. And the book smells really nice. I just randomly opened to page 157 and landed on this quote:

“This dream came true. The possibility that other dreams could also come true makes me want to turn my life into everything it can be.”

Always dream big…

13 thoughts on “real

  1. I am a HUGE fan of what is underneath the jackets, so I’m loving that it’s purple with pink- it sounds gorgeous :-D. I hope you will be bringing a copy to the NYC Teen Author Signing of Epicness (only three days stand between now and then!) to share with all of us who are unlucky enough to have to wait until May 3rd for the awesome to come our way… ;-). See you in a couple days! ❤

  2. The new book and the Penguin lobby! Too cool! 🙂
    Oh! BTW, I am done with my first picture book manuscript! I am sending it to a couple small groups of friends/professionals for revisions and I’m learning how to format it and send it off to literary agents (via the Jeff Herman book, among other things). I’m going to write a few picture books over the next couple months so I can choose the best one. Thanks for all the inspiration, as always. 🙂
    And it looks like Sarah will be at Anderson’s on May 17… I think I will be able to go! You guys should do a book tour together. I feel kind of bad because I’ve read all of your books but I’ve only had time to read one of hers (it was great and the characters were so well developed though). Will have to fit a couple more in before then!


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