nice try, february

I am just buzzing with excitement right now. First off, February is so over. Longtime readers of this blog know how much I struggle with February. But this year I tried to stay focused on the good things I’m looking forward to and…well, February didn’t seem so bad this time. It tried to suck the sparkle out of life and the result was an epic fail. March swoops in tomorrow to save winter. We made it! Congrats, friendly neighbors. This is the best TGIM warm fuzzy I can think of.

And there’s more. March starting tomorrow means that So Much Closer comes out in two months! It has a strict on-sale date of May 3. My publicist is putting together my book tour right now. I’m hoping to be able to post the tour schedule by April, so stay tuned! In the meantime, there are two ways you can score a So Much Closer ARC. Book Woman Reads YA! is running this giveaway. It’s open to international readers and I think it ends tonight. And Princess Bookie is hosting an ARC tour for book bloggers. If you’re an interested book blogger, you can sign up here (scroll down to the So Much Closer area).

But wait! Just when I thought February ending and my next book release getting closer were more than enough awesome for one day, Crumbs announced their cupcake of the week is the Smiley Face. Could this be any cuter?

Crumbs smiley face cupcake

February OUT.

6 thoughts on “nice try, february

  1. I think I’m going to ask my mom if we can make cupcakes today. Though it will be nowhere near as cute as that one, I am determined to get my fix.
    My mom is a little iffy on letting me go to the Books of Wonder signing in a few weeks, so I am SERIOUSLY HOPING you come to Boston on this book tour. There is a cupcake place in my little town so, if you come, maybe I will bring you cupcakes!

  2. I was away on a business trip this week and when I got home an ARC of So Much Closer, from Penguin, was waiting for me! (I don’t know how, but I am grateful! lol)
    Very excited to read it :).
    (and also: that cupcake is really cute!)


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