doing it all

In honor of James Franco hosting the Oscars this Sunday, I’d like to give respect to those people who seem to do it all. You know the ones. They have demanding careers and side jobs and packed social calendars and an intimidating number of interests. Their talents are astounding. Just hearing about their schedules makes me want to take a big nap.

Do you ever wonder how they do it all? I wonder all the time. In the case of actor/writer/director/student/artist/new tweeter James Franco, I believe the mystery has finally been solved.

Update: James deleted his Twitter and WhoSay, so unfortunately I can no longer share this pic with you. But it was the cutest thing. James was sleeping on the couch with headphones on, a book on his blanket, and cats sleeping on top of him. To die.

As you can clearly see, even when James is sleeping he’s still doing three things at once. That’s some hardcore multi-tasking.

I am not nearly as talented. I only sleep when I’m asleep. Can you believe all the time I’m wasting? Well, sometimes I’ll wake up from an intense dream and suddenly know the next turn whatever book I’m working on should take. Even major plot lines have come to me in dreams. But for the most part, that’s one-third of my life where I’m not getting anything done. In the future, they’ll probably have a way to compress the same restorative health benefits from eight hours of sleep into, like, two.

Until then, I have to accept that doing it all just isn’t possible. Choosing to make time for the things I want to do more of helps. I used to make pie charts of my typical day in hours. Eight hours would be for sleeping. I wish I didn’t need so much sleep, but I totally do. Another eight hours would be for working. I’d look at the remaining wedge and ask, “Is this how I want to be spending my free time? What are the things that I keep wanting to make time for and never do?” Then I’d try to restructure my routines to better fit the life I wanted to be living.

I suspect James Franco does not have these issues.

But it’s not really about doing it all. It’s more about loving what you are doing and contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

That said, I’m doing something very exciting with James. I’m co-hosting the Oscars! Okay, fine. Anne Hathaway is. But people keep telling me we look alike so I’m vicariously living through her. The guy at the bakery down the street even calls me Anne. At first I didn’t see it, but now I maybe sort of do a little.

Anne Hathaway     Susane Colasanti

Maybe a little? Well, I’m counting it as one degree from James Franco anyway. And sometime this weekend, I will attempt to take a cat nap while listening to an audio book, reading Palo Alto, and outlining my plan for world peace. Ciao for now.

7 thoughts on “doing it all

  1. Your eyes are different but you both have the long, straight, shiny brown hair and the big, straight smiles… so yeah, I do see it! She’s a nice one to be compared to.

    • After like the tenth person told me I looked like Anne, I decided I could officially live vicariously through her in a way that involves more ownership than other people are allowed. Hosting with James was fun. I think he was tired, though 😉


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