happy making

TGIM, friendly neighbors! Today I’m all about the things that are making me happy. It’s my way of dealing with the harsh reality of having one more month of winter to endure. You know how much I enjoy the little things. So here are some little things that are making this winter brighter.

1. Vintage mail rules. I love getting actual letters from readers. Email and comments are also awesome, but there’s something about seeing a person’s handwriting and holding the same piece of paper they held that I find really touching. So when I saw the back of this envelope from Tanisha L., it made me smile.

Awesome reader mail

2. It was over 60 degrees last Friday. Having a warm day like that bust out in the middle of February was such a relief. It was in the 50s a few nights before, when my friend Jim and I totally gave February the finger by sitting out on a stoop eating cheesecake from Magnolia. An element of nostalgia was involved. When we first discovered Magnolia after Carrie and Miranda went and ate those cupcakes on the bench out front (which isn’t actually there, by the way), we would get our cupcakes and find a pretty stoop and sit and eat them. Or take them to the river to eat them on a bench like Rhiannon and James do in Take Me There. Last Friday evening was so warm that I walked down along the river to check if the new mini golf place was finished. It was! We have mini golf in New York City! How freaking amazing is that?! Plus there’s a new beach volleyball area. Not that I play volleyball. Mini golf is pretty much the only sport I like, even though I suck at it. Oh, and badminton. Maybe we can play badminton on the volleyball court? Dude! I can’t wait for spring!

3. Paul Simon has a new album coming out in April. I hear the guitar is so beautiful you can’t even handle it. Which is exactly how I like my guitar.

4. The Freedom Tower (now called One World Trade, but still the Freedom Tower in our hearts) is getting super tall. You used to be able to look through the Washington Square Arch and see the Twin Towers framed in the distance. Since then, there’s just been this hole in the sky. But the other day I looked through the Arch and there was the Freedom Tower. Some musicians in the park were playing “Here Comes the Sun.” It was one of those moments I’ll never forget.

5. A Facebook friend told me about two sites she knew I’d love. I could seriously spend all day on Collection a Day and Things Organized Neatly. I mean, hello, I am all about things organized neatly! If it’s possible to be soul mates with a website, these two are mine. Thanks, Deirdre!


5 thoughts on “happy making

  1. Magnolia has cheesecake?!?! (or did you mean “cupcakes”?)
    Love their cupcakes. I may visit my NYC friend again in April or May and I am definitely stopping by there again :).


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