Well, I’m back on deadline! I met with my editors this week to discuss my new manuscript. They’re the only two people who read my books in their initial stages, so I never know if they’ll like what I’ve submitted until I hear back from them. It was a relief to find out that they liked it. Especially because this new book is risky in some ways. So now I’m starting the first revision. It’s seriously exciting. I’m fortunate to have amazing editors who always know how to make my books the best version of themselves.

But there’s more. I found out that my editor who’s been with me since my first book loves Friday Night Lights. Because of me! Regina heard me talking about visiting the actual Panthers field in Austin and then she saw the FNL shout-out in my manuscript and started watching it. Naturally, I had to clarify that Sarah Dessen is the one she should be thanking. Sarah totally got me into FNL. She’s been talking about how the series finale was just on, but she’s saving it to watch later. I hear her on that. When the final season comes out on DVD, I’m going to want to watch the whole thing right away. But I might save the final ep for a while. As long as I haven’t seen it yet, the show isn’t over in my mind.

I’ve recently discovered another show I love. While it doesn’t possess the magical quality of Friday Night Lights, it’s still smart and quirky and ridiculously hilarious. What took me so long to start Netflixing How I Met Your Mother? So freaking good. My love for Nick Andopolis makes it even better. The ep where Marshall has to say goodbye to his beloved Fiero is classic. All the eps are, really.

Other observations I want to share with you:

1. There’s a new ad campaign on the subway showing how much sugar soda has. Drinking two glasses of soda is like guzzling 27 packets of sugar. I wish this campaign were around back in my teaching days. I pretty much started every class by pleading with my kids to drink more water. It would have been easier to just put up one of these ads. Although my kids did see me drinking water every day. And I did the experiment where you put a nail in a beaker of Coke and the nail decomposes. Gut rot, anyone?

2. I love that whole packing/airport scene in Up in the Air. Organization freaks like me could watch that stuff for hours.

3. The other night I was in line at The Container Store. It was a much longer line than usual. There was a girl and guy behind me. I heard the guy asking why they had to wait in line and the girl told him that’s how the store works. After waiting for like ten minutes, the guy went, “I still don’t get why we have to wait in this line.” The girl was like, “To pay.” He said, “Are you buying something?” And she said, “No, I thought you were.” This is the kind of funny scenario that might get written into a book one day. Some things are just too good to let slip away.

Time to put the wheels of this revision in motion. For those of you who will be working all weekend, you’re not alone. Let’s make it a productive one!

4 thoughts on “observations

  1. Even if you start by replacing one of your usual sodas with water, you’ll be on your way. I completely understand about sugar addictions, though. I’m ready to eat every single heart cookie in your userpic 😉


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