common courtesy

Getting up early blows. Especially when you are a night person like me. Teen me would always stay up too late reading and then find it impossible to get up for school in the morning. Sometimes I would even turn my alarm off in my sleep. Well, maybe I wasn’t entirely asleep when I turned it off, but I totally didn’t remember doing it. I still love staying up late. Not having to get up at the crack of darkness anymore is a major lifestyle plus. It’s a circadian rhythm thing.

My life was a lot different when I was a teacher. That’s one job you can’t be late for. I pretty much jumped out of bed when my alarm went off. There were just way too many things to do before first period – commute to the South Bronx, set up lab materials, make copies, look over my lesson plans for the day, and try to snarf down some breakfast. I had to wake up crazy early back then. At one point I was even waking up at 4:45.

4:45, people.

Do you know what the world is like at 4:45? Dark and desolate in a way I would be happy never knowing about. I was pretty much the only person awake. Aside from security officers on night shift or hospital interns or anyone suffering from insomnia. It would be me and a few construction workers and some dude from a cleaning crew snoring up against his mop on the subway. Humans are not meant to be awake that early.

So when my upstairs neighbor was banging his dresser drawers at 4:08 this morning, I was like, Really? You’re really banging your dresser drawers right now? Can’t that wait until later? What could you possibly need at 4:08 a.m.? And with such urgency?

I wish I could tell you that this was the only banging/slamming/general rudeness I’ve heard from the guy upstairs. Sadly, it was not. You know how some people walk really heavily? Even if they’re not really heavy people? They just have to stomp outrageously hard in order to get from Point A to Point B. Even when they put a mug down on the table, it’s never like a normal person putting a mug down. It always has to be like, BAM! I’m putting down my MUG!

Maybe he didn’t know other people could hear him when he moved in last summer. But now he knows. Because a few of us in the building have complained (it’s not just walking like a herd of elephants and the constant influx of banging/slamming/general rudeness – dude is keeping us awake super late with other extremely loud stuff). I live in a co-op. There are certain rules one must follow in a co-op. You have to behave yourself. You have to show some respect. You can’t just run around like a wild thing in the middle of the night. He’s been informed that he’s bothering his neighbors. And guess what? He’s still loud. Who keeps being noisy when they freaking know they’re bothering their neighbors? Who does that?

The good news is that I heard he’s looking for a new place. But in the meantime, where’s the common courtesy?

I’m just saying.

13 thoughts on “common courtesy

  1. Bam, I putting down my MUG cracked me up.
    I have neighbors like this. They live down the hall. They believe in slamming the stairwell door, like BAM, I’m outta here! And when they take the elevator, you can hear them shouting to their kids, “No, we’re not taking the stairs, we’re talking the elevator!!!!” Also big into discipling said kids in the hall, holding relay-races in the hall, eating in the hall, screaming in the hall, basically living their lives in the hall.
    Oh, NYC living!

  2. Ha! I do that all the time – turn my alarm off in my sleep. In the morning, my mom gets so mad and I’m just like, It wasn’t my fault! It’s the freaking alarm clock’s fault! Because I don’t remember turning it off at all. Sometimes I’d actually wake up on time but then I’d go back to sleep thinking to myself, Just five more minutes, but I’d end up sleeping way longer than that and then I’d dream about preparing for school so that when I wake up, I freak because it was all just a dream. Bummer!

    • I’ve totally done that! I remember imagining getting ready, taking a shower and everything, and then I’d wake up and realize I was dreaming. I don’t think anyone believed that I didn’t remember turning off my alarm clock. Well, you understand me 🙂

      • I understand where you are comming from. I don’t live in an apartment building but in suburbia. There is a garage band in my neighborhood that plays several times a week. I don’t mind this but they play extremely loud! They practice a few times a week and will play for hours. Complaints have been made but they just keep on playing.

        • So annoying. It’s hard for people to realize their noise pollution is stressing everyone out when it’s not noise pollution to them. Our noisy neighbors should try to see things from our perspective! It’s a matter of respect and compassion.

  3. 1. I am a night person as well. I’ve recently begun working full time again. The “normal” hours combined with the terrible winter weather is making me very depressed. If I saw 4am, it was because it was the middle of my “day.”
    2. Loud neighbors piss me off, especially if you’ve told them that they’re being loud. I don’t know why there are people who seem to think that everyone needs to hear their TV/music/sexytimes/arguments/phone calls and whatever else they deem to share with the whole natural world. Here are just a few of my horror stories:
    – neighbors who decided that playing cornhole at 3am was appropriate, and got belligerent when asked to stop
    – a neighbor who played his drums at 4am
    and now…
    – a neighbor who plays his TV so loud that I can hear it enough to wake me at 2am, even though he is IN ANOTHER BUILDING.
    How do these people even function?
    3. Sometimes, I’d just straight up skip school. Every Tuesday, in fact. As a former teacher, you’re probably like WHUT! But I hated my school, I was on Merit Roll, and I didn’t like going on Tuesdays for whatever reason. And my mom let me. LOL.

  4. Ugh, yes. At my old place when we left the windows open in the summer, we could always hear this woman in the *next apartment building over* yelling for ages. Turns out, she was yelling at her cat. Her cat! Thankfully, my new neighborhood has been really quiet, and I have never heard the people below me or to the side.
    It stinks that he’s been told that he’s noisy and he still hasn’t stopped. We also had these neighbors that stole our plant when they moved out. Weird!
    What’s a co-op? I only have a vague idea.

    • A co-op (cooperative) is a building where the units are individually owned and the residents get to make big decisions about the building’s operations. My understanding is that most buildings in NYC are either co-ops or condos, which are typically owned/controlled by one company. You can totally own an apartment in a condo, but I think the difference is that the apartment owners of co-ops have a board of directors and make decisions together to improve living conditions (e.g. new laundry room, holiday decorations). Co-op boards also interview any potential renters or owners and can decide if someone like my dumbass upstairs neighbor will get his lease renewed. I’m pretty happy to be living in a co-op because his lease will NOT be renewed. Renewal FAIL!


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