not so bad

This is going to sound weird considering that we’re only like a third of the way through winter, but winter doesn’t seem so bad this time around. I know I shouldn’t say things like that – cue record-low temps and biting winds – but for some reason I’m not completely bummed about the dreariest season the way I usually am. Probably because it’s not even February yet. February is the coldest month. February is when I don’t want to go anywhere. February is all about survival. It’s busting in tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

Maybe I’m not as afflicted because there are so many awesome things to look forward to this year. Or maybe it’s because despite the perpetual heaps of snow and ice patches, snow never really bothers me. I’m sure I would be singing a different tune if I lived in suburbia and drove a car and had to dig myself out. But this is New York City. No car. No shoveling. I just put on my boots and go. And admire the creative works of those who like to play with snow. Of course we had to document this fun guy on top of a parking meter:

Parking meter snowman

To go with boots, one naturally needs knee socks. My knee socks must meet the following criteria:

1. They must be cute.

2. They must be soft.

3. They must have fun designs.

Mine were kind of falling apart. So I asked my friendly neighbors on Twitter where to get new ones (love Twitter for that kind of stuff). Which is how I found out about Sock Dreams! What an outstanding selection of socks. I prefer stripey ones and Sock Dreams did not disappoint. I got rainbow stripey ones and pastel stripey ones and white-and-pink stripey ones that are just the cutest thing. Then I got purple ones that say NERD down the side. Hello, designed for me much?

I’m not only buying socks, though. I am in desperate need of more bookshelf space. My bookshelves are packed two deep and there’s just no more room. So I’m figuring out how to extend one shelf to the ceiling by adding on some kind of unit. There’s a woodworking place down the street that would do it for $350. That is outrageous. That is more than I paid for each bookshelf, and these are some quality bookshelves. We’re talking solid wood. I was in The Container Store (i.e. my second home) yesterday and found this shelf addition for $18 that would be perfect. It’s supposed to be for shoes, but who cares? An excellent example of how thinking outside the box pays off. Literally.

NPR just said that snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice will arrive tomorrow morning, followed by a lingering wintry mix. Sounds like February’s in the house! But no worries. We can do this, people. It’s not so bad. And hey, in a few months it’ll be crazy hot. Let’s cool off while we can, shall we?

4 thoughts on “not so bad

  1. I am always so appreciative of your positive attitude about everything. So thank you for that, thank for the sock site rec, and, on a more negative note, I hate February, too. I live in California where it never gets that cold (today I looked at the forecast and thought under 60 degrees again?! but there’s something about February that makes it the worst, every year. But you’re right, spring’s around the corner, so back to positivity: BOOOOOKSHELVES HOORAY!

    • Hooray! I love Cali. Such good energy over there. And palm trees and sparkly sunsets and that sweet, mellow vibe. Sigh.
      I am also in love with your profile pic. The Sun does not know it is a star. Indeed. Did you just find that randomly, or is it from something I should know?


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