after the deadline

Woot! I submitted my manuscript of book six yesterday!

:: breathes ::

When I’m on deadline, I tend to lock into this extreme state of tunnel vision. It’s all about the work. Grocery shopping is neglected. Dust accumulates. The bathroom gets kind of gross. I’m always paranoid right before I hand stuff in. Like of course this will be the day when my computer blows up. Or back when we submitted manuscripts as hard copies, I’d always worry that my printer would break down right before I had to print it out. Or that it would break down while I was printing it out, which actually happened once. That was some fun times. But I should relax about stuff like that now. My sexy iMac would never let me down. Just another way in which Shiny Happy Apple World has changed my life. Less stress = happiness. Plus I always try to hand things in early. That’s the teacher part of me. I’ve learned the hard way (exploding toner cartridge, anyone?) that if you wait until the last minute, crisis usually comes knocking.

But yeah, everything else besides work was pretty much ignored for a few weeks until I handed in book six yesterday. It was like this weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could breathe again. The first thing I did was run out to play while there was still some light left. I stocked up at Whole Foods (yes, that’s my version of playing), rewarded myself with the last Coffee Toffee cupcake left at Crumbs (best. thing. ever.), and got my Glee season two on (freshly out on DVD).

“What up, grilled cheesus? First off, you’re super delicious.” Love Finn.

People are saying that season two of Glee was worse than season one. So far I have determined it to be awesome. That “Empire State of Mind” number? Blew me right out of my freaking chair.

There’s even more awesome stuff happening, you guys. Like how this is No Name-Calling Week. A lot of people still don’t realize that verbal abuse kills. Let’s spread the word.

I wish I could tell you that Sprinkles was about to open here in New York. Tragically, its opening has been postponed until April. Now, I know I’m always raving about Crumbs. You can check out the treats tag of this blog to see past entries featuring their amazing cupcakes. And if you’ve read Take Me There, you’re familiar with the sweetness that is Magnolia. But. Sprinkles takes cupcakes to a whole other level. Their cupcakes are the best in the world.

Sprinkles peace cupcakes

You heard me.

Best. In. The world.

“But how do you know?” you ask. “Have you tasted all the cupcakes in the world?” No. Because I don’t need to. Cupcakes are like true love. When you have a transcendental experience, you just know. And that is how I know Sprinkles rules. I’ve only had them one time so far. When I was in L.A. on my last book tour, my incredible author escort whisked me right over to Sprinkles because I’d been wanting to try them for so long. I cannot even begin to describe to you how ethereal their cupcakes are. You can check out their flavors and philosophy on their website. I can’t wait for their NYC opening (the line will be like 20 blocks long; I do not care), but I’m glad they’ll be on the Upper East Side. I’m rarely in that area. That is a good thing.

For now, I am in Chill Mode. My editors are reading my manuscript and hopefully concluding that it doesn’t suck. While I’m waiting to hear from them, I’ll be catching up on my scrapbooking and revving up my reading and generally taking it easy. Oh, and cleaning the bathroom. And the rest of my place. So everything will be all polished and sparkly for…taking it easy some more. I need a break and I’m letting myself take one. Hey, I don’t have a World’s Best Boss mug and keychain for nothing!



11 thoughts on “after the deadline

  1. I remember watching that random May premiere of “Glee” and counting the days until the show started in September. Oh, it was the most awesome thing in the world for a Broadway nerd like me. It even featured my three favorite Broadway stars–Idina Menzel, John Lloyd Young, and Kristin Chenoweth. Bliss.
    Season two is lame because they’ve gone away from Broadway and have way too many big-name guest stars. They’ve jumped the shark, and season two hasn’t even ended yet. Sigh.
    Still, I watch for Kurt and the random awesome number. But they really need to chill with the guest stars and work a little more on character development, especially since they have such an amazing cast.
    P.S. Congrats on finishing the book. Yay! \O/

    • Thank you! I’m stoked 😀
      Kurt is, by far, the most awesome part of the show. I think he’s the best actor and his voice is incredible. I just love him more and more every time I watch.
      Sad to hear they’ve already jumped the shark. I’m really hoping they get the magic back!

  2. Delicious NY Treats
    While you are waiting for the best cupcakes in the world to make their entrance to NYC, you really should check out what I consider to be the BEST chocolates in the world – Bespoke Chocolates, located bewteen 1st and 1st on 1 Extra Place (It’s a tiny alley – but I think a lot good NYC things start in a tiny alley). Handmade chocolates, their pretzel covered sea salted caramels are their most well-known, but every piece I’ve ever had from there is divine!

  3. My school participated in it, and another one of my favorite authors blogged about it too. Another one blogged about bulying and self esteem and offered advice. I’m glad everyone’s spreading it. 🙂


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