My next book, So Much Closer, will be out on May 3. I know we still have four months to go, but I think that time will zip by for me. A lot is going on over here in the hunker down! Since I’ll be starting my book tour on May 3, I’m trying to get some things done now that need to be in place at that time. We just had an exciting marketing meeting at Penguin and I can tell you that some fun things are in store for this book release. It looks like in addition to a book trailer, we’ll be doing a walking tour of locations in So Much Closer right here around the West Village. Plus, I’ll be doing an extra video this summer. So I went ahead and got my YouTube channel on. Come join me if you’re also on the Tube.

While I was favoriting videos and such, I found this sweet Waiting for You book trailer. I’m in love with it. The images and music and fonts all perfectly evoke the tone of the book. Impressive!

A few new reviews of Something Like Fate have also popped up. The Bookologist and The Garden of Books kindly shared their thoughts. I can’t read Portuguese, but in case you can I wanted to mention that my boy Julio in Brazil posted his review on Blog do Julio.  Brazilian readers representin’!  And The Book Queens did a cool overview of all my books because they are awesome like that.

Thanks to everyone who’s requested an ARC of So Much Closer. Your enthusiasm makes me even more stoked for this book release! I used to compile lists of book bloggers for my publisher to send out ARCs. However, I can no longer put those lists together because I’m getting more requests now – sorry about that! If you’re a book blogger and would like to receive an ARC of So Much Closer, you can email my publisher at yrmarketing[at] with your name, blog address, and mailing address. They can’t guarantee that everyone will receive a copy, but it’s worth a shot.

Things will be getting crazyfunbusy soon. For now, I’ll enjoy the fat snowflakes that are falling and a peaceful weekend of work ahead of me. That might sound weird – associating “peaceful” with “work” – but I actually feel the least stressed when I can get my work done without a bunch of distractions. Wishing you a peaceful weekend as well!


6 thoughts on “roundup

  1. congrats on the upcoming book release. I can’t wait til I finish my novel and can go through the process of waiting for it’s release. *sigh* until then I keep plugging along. I hate writers block!

    • Thanks! I find the waiting process to be both fun and frustrating. It’s fun because you’re increasingly excited for pub day. But it’s frustrating because books are ready to be published pretty far in advance (usually about a year before the book comes out), so the waiting can feel like forever. I’m glad we’re getting so much closer to May 3…

  2. you know that blog post that talked about when it happens turning into a movie, do you know any more about it? i don’t mean to be pushy but i was just wondering.

  3. I just let out a big happy sigh. Great post. “Yay for everything in this world that makes us happy and keeps us moving forward.” -Nancy


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