fun with snow

I grew up in the country. When it snowed, I would go outside with a glass, fill it with fresh, fluffy snow, and take it inside to make a slushie. Things are different here in New York. You can’t really eat the snow, but you can definitely celebrate its beauty. Especially over the holidays. When we had that blizzard here last week, it was fun to see people cross-country skiing down the unplowed streets of my neighborhood. It was also fun to see how these neighbors decorated their stoop. Although…they were sort of showing off.

West Village Christmas decorations

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you not see how they blocked their entire second doorway that they don’t even need because THEY OWN THE WHOLE FREAKING DOUBLE BROWNSTONE?

Show off much?

Yeah. We hate them.

But there’s stuff we hate way more. Like when all of the melting snow creates enormous puddles at almost every corner. Which makes crossing the street quite treacherous. The slush puddles are black and it’s hard to tell how deep they are. They’re usually way deeper than they look. I’ve seen lots of people step into one of these evil puddles under the erroneous assumption that it’s shallow. Suddenly, they lurch forward – glunk! – and the next thing they know half their leg has disappeared underwater. I have found myself in that predicament as well and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Not at all. Which is why I decided to kick some evil slush puddle butt last Thursday.

The puddles were abundant. I had errands to do. So I put on my turquoise Rocket Dog rain boots and got gone. As people were poised at corners trying to gauge how deep puddles were, I plowed right through. It was sort of a public service. I’d go through first so the people behind me could see how deep the puddles were. One boy ran ahead of me and totally destroyed his sneakers and jeans. It was not pretty.

Despite the evil slush puddle drama, I saw a sweet reminder of how fun snow can be at one special street corner.

Snowmen chilling in New York City

I love this big snowman and his little friend! I have not named them yet, though. We have to be extra creative with the snowman-making process around here. This duo is a winner. It’s funny because when my friend Mike and I passed by the day before on our way to the High Line, there was a different snowman on that corner. He had a glass bottle for a head. The little guy hadn’t even been put together yet. It just shows how one work of art can inspire others.

A slushie toast to inspiration!


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