home stretch

Ah, darkness at 4:00. And so it goes in the Hunker Down. Actually, things are looking up. I think I can see the end of this first draft I’m working on. Which I am extremely happy about. First drafts are always the hardest part for me. Some authors love first drafts and struggle more with revisions, but the opposite is definitely true for me. I just think it’s a lot easier to work with something already on the page. Once I have a first draft, it becomes much easier for me to refine the story.

This doesn’t mean I’m done or anything. Not at all. Once this draft is done, I’ll print out a hard copy and work on the second draft from there. And then the third. And then (hopefully) it will be ready to submit to my editors. They’re the only ones who read my work in its initial stages, so I never know if a manuscript is any good until they give it the green light. Let’s hope those lights keep shining green!

With all of this early darkness, it’s always nice to find some bright warm fuzzies online. Like how All-Consuming Books is giving away a copy of Something Like Fate. Or this very sweet review of Waiting for You over at The Book Genie. Or these charming videos of cut paper animation on Moving Paper. They’re so cute!

I’ll leave you with a clip of my fave contemporary philosopher, Alain de Botton. I’ve been reading his books on love and relationships for years and am always impressed by his refreshing, astute insights. In this interview, Alain discusses how childhood anxiety inspires intellectualism. As usual, he totally has a point.

Keep you where the light is…