david duchovny and the santas

People are usually surprised that I love Neil LaBute’s movies and plays. He’s a very dark and twisty dude. Meredith Grey would definitely worship him. If she were, like, real. He can be really hardcore. I’ve been hooked since In the Company of Men, a movie in which two guys have a bet over who can make a deaf girl fall in love with him first. I know that sounds horrible – and it is! LaBute is fearless like that.

So when I heard that his latest play, The Break of Noon, was playing at a little theater right down the street and that David Duchovny and Amanda Peet were in it, I could not get tickets fast enough. I was sitting super close to David and kept looking at the tattoo on his ring finger. Which doesn’t mean I wasn’t riveted. Because I was. David basically talks for 90 minutes straight. He must be exhausted after every performance.

After the play, we didn’t just go home. This was my chance to meet David and Amanda! I loved her in Something’s Gotta Give and A Lot Like Love. But she was so fast to sneak out the side door that I didn’t even get to see her. I was really bummed about that. But David totally came out the front door and took the time to say hi to all of his fans. Which was extremely gracious of him, given how exhausting his performance was. Of course I took a picture with David. Only, he wasn’t looking his best in the pic. And I don’t think it’s right to post a photo of a person who would not want that photo to be posted. I reluctantly accepted that I wouldn’t be able to share a pic with you.

But then.

I was like, Dude. The play is right down the street. I could always go back for better documentation. Plus, I could tell Amanda how awesome she is (because, you know, she doesn’t already hear that a zillion times a day or anything). So I went over last Saturday and waited outside with the other fans. This time, David was photo ready.

David Duchovny and Susane Colasanti

There was a guy waiting for David to sign a bunch of prints. This usually means that they’re going to be sold. But he told me that he’s a huge X-Files fan and he’s met David tons of times and the prints were all for him. I told him that I didn’t want to miss Amanda again. The whole time we were waiting for David, I kept checking the two side doors for her. It’s a good thing I was talking to that guy – he told me when Amanda came out. She was by the side door, looking through her bag. So I went over with my Playbill and my hot pink Sharpie and stood there all wide-eyed and expectant. And then Amanda looked up and she was on the phone and…well, she just left. And I was still standing there all wide-eyed and expectant.

Because I need to cling to the belief that she is a sweet person, I will conclude that she really had to go.

There were other things going on last Saturday as well. Like SantaCon 2010. SantaCon takes place in a bunch of cities worldwide. It’s where hundreds of people dress up as Santa and have a good time. They started the day in Central Park, but by the time I was meeting David again they were here in the Village. Hundreds of Santas running though the Village! It was a trip. David and I even had an awesome conversation about it.

David Duchovny: What’s with all these Santas?

Me: It’s SantaCon!

Yeah. We’re tight like that.

As David was taking pictures with us, a swarm of Santas swooped in. Which is how I was able to document David Duchovny and the Santas.

David Duchovny with SantaCon Santas

Now this next part might sound hugely slightly stalkerish, but I assure you it was not. After the crowd broke up, David started walking away. And I…like, kind of followed him. Because, hello, he was going my way! A girl has to get home, right? It was fun to watch people’s reactions as they passed him on the street. I mean, he must be used to it by now, but it’s kind of unreal to be David Duchovny just walking down the street like la la la while all around him people are whipping their heads around and going, “Was that David Duchovny?!?!” I wonder if he’s over it or if he still gets a little thrill.

Now I have to add The X-Files to my queue. People have been telling me I’ll love it for years. If it’s anything like Fringe, I’m ready to roll!

27 thoughts on “david duchovny and the santas

  1. Batman santa is totally rockin. And by the way, you’ve convinced me to move to New York. Your blog is so famous artistic people. You are living the life!

  2. You’re so lucky! Again! I love the x-files. I used to watch it everday after I got home from school. I definitely miss Moulder and Scully.
    You’re brave too! I would probably be too nervous to go up to Amanda like that. I would feel bad for bothering her, or something. I was even nervous meeting authors at the NYC Teen Author Fest.
    Sorry you didn’t get her autograph!

    • I totally hear you. I’m *always* nervous when I go up to anyone I admire, whether it’s a movie star or one of my fave authors. But the more I do it, the less nervous I get. You’ll see at the next Teen Author Festival – people you were nervous about meeting last time will feel much more approachable this time 🙂

  3. Duchovny
    Thanks for the cool pix of DD and the Santas and the account of your adventure. I saw the play last month, got a pic with DD and found him to be so sweet with all the fans. I saw the play twice and now wish I had seen it three or four times.
    Please do yourself a favor and give the XFiles a try. I had never watched it when it was on originally, but when I started watching Californication, I decided to check it out because of David. I now have the entire XFiles series on DVD. It’s marvelous!

    • Re: Duchovny
      Wow, you saw the play twice? Awesome! Did you notice any differences?
      I will def be getting into the X-Files. When I was a teacher, my students could not believe I’d never seen it. They kept saying how perfect the show was for me. So I’m really looking forward to that ride.

  4. “Because I need to cling to the belief that she is a sweet person, I will conclude that she really had to go.”
    I heart your optimism.
    It always amazes me how a lot of the bigger stars are much nicer than the less-known ones. I mean, I think David is definitely more famous than Amanda. Anyway, I’m glad you had a good time!

  5. Awesome pictures!
    FRINGE! I love Fringe. I can’t wait for new episodes. I am in love with Peter Bishop and I don’t care that the character is probably 10 years older than me, lol.
    My mom and I will stop and one of us will make a face/look at the other and say “who am I?”… it’s the look that Peter gives Olivia in the episode Entrada when he gets a phone call in the middle of the night, THEN looks at Olivia. (Trying to be vague if you haven’t seen it yet!)

    • That sounds like an ep from the new season with the fake Olivia, right? I never know what’s happening in current seasons – I always have to wait for shows to come out on DVD. But I will watch out for that look!

      • The Break of Noon
        I saw the play twice. David was awesome. They were all awesome. I was so happy to finally get a picture with David and his autograph. For me he’s one of the most charismatic person I’ve ever seen in my life.

  6. x files
    My parents love X Files. So I knew the faces of the actors but not the names. So when I saw this I was like, “Oh my gosh! Susanes with that guy!!!” lol. 🙂

    • Re: x files
      Funny! It’s probably a good thing I haven’t started watching The X-Files yet. I have a feeling I’m really going to love it so if I’d been a big fan, then I would have been way more nervous meeting David.

  7. I totally know what you mean about going back a second time just because you missed a picture the first time. I did that years ago with someone that I eventually ended up close to, but back then, just getting a decent picture was important. It’s unfortunate that some celebrities just don’t take the time, but they get it so often that it’s almost never meant as a personal insult. I’m sure you’ll catch up with Amanda at some point! I kind of like David’s expression in your pic, actually. He looks sort of laidback. And even after Invisalign, I’ll never have your smile! You’ve got that whole ‘perfectly shaped’ thing goin’ on. 🙂
    (Bah, I only make it to LJ every couple weeks now! I hope it’s not like this permanently!)

    • David was extra relaxed the second time and looked way more rested, so I’m happy I went back. How could I not when he was right down the street?!
      Of course you’ll have a beautiful smile after Invisalign! That’s why they charge the big bucks 😐

      • Hey, speaking of Invisalign, I just did a bunch of research on it last night, and I was wondering if you had to have the ‘buttons’/attachments at all (does everybody?), or if they ever made you use rubber bands? It looks like some patients had to, but they weren’t told that upfront, and it made Invisalign way less invisible. It also sounds like they remove a bunch of enamel from your teeth… were you okay with that and how do you think it’ll affect later tooth health? Other than the money, is there anything you dislike about Invisalign so far?

        • Those attachments are called anchors and they’re what keep the aligners in place. The aligners snap into them – kind of like the brackets with old-school braces where the wire goes. But even with the anchors, no one can tell I have Invisalign. Even people I’m sitting right next to and I’m talking to for a long time don’t know until I eventually tell them.
          No rubber bands and no enamel removal. And no pain, which is why I can tolerate having braces. So far, the whole thing has been kind of miraculous! I only have like two months to go and will def be posting a follow-up when they’re off.

          • I am so glad to hear it. That helps a lot. Online I heard that some people who had Invisalign also had to go through enamel removal during the process and it made me wonder.
            Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Susane! One of my best friends just got me a colored illustrations copy of The Little Prince and it reminded me of you and how we met (after I read your Little Prince review on Amazon). What are you doing for New Year’s? I have friends coming to Chicago but am not sure where I want to take them yet.

  8. Hi,
    great picture of you and Mr Duchovny. And the Santas LOL.
    I read that Amanda Peet has a little baby at home and that is the reason she always tries to get home quickly.

  9. I just saw this because you put it on twitter! Great little story and great pictures. I saw the play as well and thought David was wonderful! I hope you started to watch The X-Files because Fringe totally ripped it off. At least the their first season- I hear they changed it up after that.

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