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This one’s for all of my kindred spirit John Mayer fans. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering about the new music he’s been working on. JM news has been sparse ever since he deleted his Twitter and stopped blogging (which I hope is just a break). I like that he’s getting into a more contemplative space, though.

Sometimes John does surprise performances at a place in my neighborhood. I’m always so mad that I wasn’t there. It’s literally two blocks away from me! I hate waking up to find out he was so close and I had no clue. A friend who works there would be good to have so I know when to be there at, like, two in the morning or whatever. Need to work on that. Anyway, a reader let me know that John was there last week (thanks, Katie!). John played some of his new music, which sounds incredible. And it’s cool how he’s just schlepping it all scruffy in a sweater and glasses.

This new song is already speaking right to my heart. I’m guessing it’s called “One of These Days.” Warning: It will immediately get stuck in your head and you’ll be mentally playing it for days. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “john mayer news

  1. I downloaded three Mayer songs from that performance last weekend. I can’t watch this video right now to know if this is one of them, but be on the lookout for:
    1. A Face To Call Home
    2. Born and Raised
    3. Whiskey
    This is what the fans called them, so the titles may differ.

          • I understand. I had the same frustrations during the Battle Studies tour. He was all around me, but I didn’t have money to see concerts. I haven’t seen a concert in years. Thank goodness for the Internet! I just wish he’d blog more or come back to Twitter. I’ve missed him.


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