john lennon shines on

Dear John,

I miss you every day. But especially today.

You gave us the kind of music that transcends time. Music with a message. Songs that speak to us and encourage us to make our lives better. Songs that make us want to change the world. Songs that make us imagine.

You are an indelible part of New York City. When I want to remember you best, I go to Strawberry Fields. No matter what time or which day, people are always there, playing your songs and bringing you flowers. You fought so hard to stay in this magical place because you understood its energy, an energy you translated into music and art. I still feel your passion every day, John.

Skyline artwork by John Lennon

I wish I could tell you that we’re all living life in peace today, 30 years after you were taken from us. Sadly, we are not. But Imagine lives on, as do all of your words, and they continue to inspire us to live and let live.

And so you shine on.
Like the moon and the stars and the sun.
On and on and on…



4 thoughts on “john lennon shines on

  1. Gorgeous post. I feel exactly the same way.
    John Lennon and The Beatles carved a path in my life and a direction and gravitation towards Music Journalism that I will forever be thankful for.
    Even on the 30th anniversary of his death, we all have a lot to thank Lennon for. Many of our own favorite artists and influences were carved through Lennon and his music. If John Lennon had not existed where would music be today? Would The Beatles have even existed and would they have the phenomenon they were? Who would our own favorite musicians worship and be influenced by?
    I think it’s important to salute John Lennon for influencing some of the biggest musicians in the world – who in turn have influenced many other talented musicians.
    Here’s to John – who, together, with Ringo, Paul and George formed one of the influential bands of all time.
    And lastly here’s to John for leaving us with hits such as Instant Karma, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Women and, who could forget, Imagine.
    Frankly John I couldn’t imagine a musical world without you in it and neither do I want to.


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