for the rest of us

Although Festivus isn’t technically until December 23, I am getting the party started early this year. I found a random pole on the street and dragged it home.

Happy Festivus pole!

Happy Festivus

It’s never too early to start airing those grievances. Oooh, and feats of strength! For my feat of strength, I will attempt to hold that frakking Pilates plank position for 30 seconds without shaking like the Pilates loser I currently am. So, yeah. Be ready for that.

Fun factoid: The concept of Festivus did not originate on Seinfeld. It was first mentioned in a book published in 1966 about obscure holidays. The original Festivus dessert in real life was a Pepperidge Farm cake (do they even make those anymore?) sprinkled with M&Ms.

Speaking of Festivus desserts, I was thrilled to discover this Ben & Jerry’s limited edition:

Ben & Jerry's Festivus limited edition

Um, brown sugar cinnamon ice cream? Gingerbread cookies? Caramel swirl? Sign me up. Unfortunately, this Festivus flavor is no longer available. If it ever was. Maybe it’s an urban legend. But hey, one can hope for a return engagement. It would be a Festivus miracle!

4 thoughts on “for the rest of us

  1. Oo that ice cream sounds good!
    So being the cool writer that you are, and fellow JM fan, I wanted to share this with you:

    New songs! Rejoice & repeat!!

    • OMFG!!! I had no idea! John hasn’t posted on his blog in forever and he took his Twitter down, so I feel way out of the Musical Sound loop these days.
      Thank you thank you THANK YOU for these. I’m already deeply in love with that first “One of These Days” song. Speaks right to my heart, as usual.
      And I love how he’s just schlepping it in glasses and a sweater, all scruffy like. SO wish I was there…Village Underground is right down the street.

      • Ahh lucky!! I wish I could see him in an intimate setting! I love the sound of the harmonica! It makes me so excited for his new album!
        Sadly all his fan sites are kinda non-existent so the JM news is sparse. But i found this website:! I’m glad to know he’s still out and about performing in his down time!


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