a michael scott joint

Are you in need of a TGIM pick-me-up? Are you as obsessed with The Office as I am? Okay, I realize that would be impossible. Plus, if you claim to be anywhere near as obsessed as I am, then we’re going to throw down. So I’ll put it this way…are you an Office fan? Then you’re in luck! I found this genius fan trailer you have to see. And if you can name every ep these clips came from (like I can, ahem), you get a cookie.

Great Scott!

5 thoughts on “a michael scott joint

  1. You sound like how I am about One Tree Hill now, haha. But me falling in love with that show is because you told me about it, so thanks! I mean, seriously though, I saw a 3 pack of those Cracker Jack boxes the other day and I bought them because I wanted to see if I would get a nice bracelet like Nathan gives Haley. I feel like that might be going over the line of obsession, but that’s okay with me!
    This video definitely makes me want to watch The Office more. I will look into watching from season 1!
    PS: I said on Twitter how my cousins (ages 14 and 12) who never read, loved Waiting for You and ended up asking for more books. Well, even greater news! The 14 year-old read around 10 more books and says When It Happens is now her favorite book. Just thought I would share 🙂


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