from dream to reality in < 3 years

I’m about to say something that may be highly controversial. It might even lower my street cred a notch. But something unexpected has happened and I feel the need to share it with you.

I’ve been slightly obsessing over Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel.

It’s not like I have Bieber Fever or anything. Well. Maybe it’s just a little fever. Like 98.9 degrees.

Here’s the thing. Justin Bieber has gone from singing on the street to megafame in under three years. That’s incredible. Before I stalked visited his YouTube channel, I had no idea that he played the guitar, piano, and drums. I’d heard that he was discovered on YouTube, but I didn’t know that Usher found him so quickly from word of mouth. Justin’s early fans had astounding power. Never underestimate word of mouth.

I’ve probably heard Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” 5,000 times. Love that song. So when I found this clip of Justin Bieber’s cover, I was ready to be unimpressed. But dude. He impressed. I think he was about 13 when he recorded this. The guitar is bigger than he his. But he was determined to succeed. No matter what you think about him, you cannot deny that the boy is seriously talented. Here he was in 2008, just sitting on his couch and dreaming big:

And now look.

Amazing things can happen when you put yourself out there. Whatever your goals are, whatever your biggest heart’s desire is, it all starts with developing your skills. Then putting yourself out there when you’re ready. So reach out and make connections. Share your talent with the world. I know it’s scary. People might not react the way you expect them to. And there will always be haters. But eventually, you will find your people. Those are the people that will help you turn your dream into reality. They are out there. It’s up to you to find them.

Always dream big. Then go out there and make it happen.

23 thoughts on “from dream to reality in < 3 years

  1. Wow… WOW. Young Justin was amazing in that video! What a fantastic cover!
    I must thank you for the inspiring blog posts that you write. I’m an unemployed college graduate (degree in communication studies/public relations). I’m certain that the only line of work that I am passionate about is writing… and not press releases unfortunately, but novels.
    When I’m ready, I hope that I can make it happen too. 🙂

    • I know, right? It gave me chills. Talent like this inspires me. Like whenever I go to an awesome reading or conference, I get this rush of creative energy and I can’t wait to go home and write 100 pages. I’m sure aspiring musicians are similarly inspired by Justin Bieber.
      Keep moving toward your goals, demand that you bring 100%, and never give up. That’s the way to make it happen!

  2. Wow.
    My son and I were talking about Justin Bieber last night (son is 14, and is confused by the fascination so many girls have with Justin). We have a bet going regarding whether or not Justin will make People’s “Beautiful People” list. I say “yes.” If I lose, I have to do 20 pushups. 🙂

  3. I stalked visited his Youtube too before he is known to the world!
    You have inspired me. Thank you. Maybe one day I’ll come up with a book ready to be presented to the world. =)
    I have started to write fanfictions. They are not that good. I even think of quiting to write but this, really inspired me. Thank you.

    • Nothing could ever be as bad as the fan fiction I wrote in junior high after reading The Outsiders. I wish I still had that notebook so I could prove to you how bad it was! Just know that with everything you write, you get better. You learn more about yourself and the writing process as you move forward. The important thing is to never quit!

        • Inspiration comes from everywhere! I’m mostly inspired by the opportunity to help teens in any way I can. If my readers feel like they can relate to my books and maybe even feel less alone, then I’m inspired to write more.

          • That is so true!
            I didn’t regret at all buying Waiting For You.
            I have always waiting for the right guy to come though I’m still young for that. Well, it’s not wrong to hope for someone noticing you’re exist right?
            I’m so happy I had a chance to talk directly to you. It brings the me closer to you and makes me wants to read more books from you. ^.^

  4. bahaha. I just played this (i am a huge CRY MY A RIVER fan!) and my three year old leaned over, watched for ten seconds or so, and then sat up and said, “ehhh, I don’t like that boy.” *insert 3-year old frowny face.*
    I am amazed at his talent in that vid, though!

  5. I don’t get the Bieber hate. Just like I didn’t get the NKOTB, the Backstreet Boys, the Nsync hate.
    There are so many different types of music, so many types of people to appreciate it all. There’s no need to be hating on anyone, you know?
    Even if people don’t like a certain style of music, there is no need to hate on the artist that makes the music.
    Wonderful entry!

  6. Perfect Timing
    I totally needed this! I am super behind on my Nano word count and at the moment I am wondering if I will ever reach 50,000 words. I am telling myself that through these early nights and sweater-wearing days will come my best writing and am looking forward for spring where I will have a) an impressive manuscript – at least for me and b) a legitimate reason to listen to “here comes the sun” by the beatles repeatedly

    • Re: Perfect Timing
      Yay, I love that you’re feeling inspired! Keep writing every day and you will reach your goal. I call this dark/cold time that’s starting The Hunker Down, during which I write a new book. It’s the perfect time to stay in and get the work done. So just know that we’ll be writing together. And you’ll be playing “Here Comes the Sun” before you know it 🙂

  7. You HAVE to share those OTH tour pics with me and tell me all about Wilmington. I’ve been wanting to go to Wilmington for years to take the Dawson’s Creek tour. They probably don’t even do that one anymore, but I heard that some of the locations on both tours are the same (like that long pier I totally recognized on both shows). I’m so jealous of your plan!

  8. Your post is so sweet! I totally hear you on the blogging thing. There are lots of times I want to blog, but I don’t have anything interesting enough to say. Like last week I only had one thing to say and I can’t even guarantee it was interesting. But as I get closer to my next book release, I’ll have much more to share. So it all balances out. Not that balance is ever achieved. The relentless quest to attain balance…a whole other post in itself.

  9. Contest
    During this coming week, I will:
    1. Write a bunch of short stories/fortune cookie fortunes to discretely pass to strangers in my bus (it’s kind of a ritual now)
    2. Practice cello along with my orchestra zombie-obsessed friends (cause I can’t live without a little background music. I. Will. Go. Crazy.). Bring on the elevator music!!
    3. Read a little Jack Kerouac works (On the Road, cause I’m starting to dig the whole beatnik generation thing)


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