from dream to reality in < 3 years

I’m about to say something that may be highly controversial. It might even lower my street cred a notch. But something unexpected has happened and I feel the need to share it with you.

I’ve been slightly obsessing over Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel.

It’s not like I have Bieber Fever or anything. Well. Maybe it’s just a little fever. Like 98.9 degrees.

Here’s the thing. Justin Bieber has gone from singing on the street to megafame in under three years. That’s incredible. Before I stalked visited his YouTube channel, I had no idea that he played the guitar, piano, and drums. I’d heard that he was discovered on YouTube, but I didn’t know that Usher found him so quickly from word of mouth. Justin’s early fans had astounding power. Never underestimate word of mouth.

I’ve probably heard Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” 5,000 times. Love that song. So when I found this clip of Justin Bieber’s cover, I was ready to be unimpressed. But dude. He impressed. I think he was about 13 when he recorded this. The guitar is bigger than he his. But he was determined to succeed. No matter what you think about him, you cannot deny that the boy is seriously talented. Here he was in 2008, just sitting on his couch and dreaming big:

And now look.

Amazing things can happen when you put yourself out there. Whatever your goals are, whatever your biggest heart’s desire is, it all starts with developing your skills. Then putting yourself out there when you’re ready. So reach out and make connections. Share your talent with the world. I know it’s scary. People might not react the way you expect them to. And there will always be haters. But eventually, you will find your people. Those are the people that will help you turn your dream into reality. They are out there. It’s up to you to find them.

Always dream big. Then go out there and make it happen.