fun interview

Girls in the Stacks caught up with me at the Austin Teen Book Festival last month to ask some questions about Take Me There. I was honored to be Riyanna’s first interviewee! The girls were so sweet about staying late to talk with me. They even gave me some Mr. Mc’s peanut brittle as a thank-you gift. Which they totally didn’t have to do, but I’m so happy they did because it is the best peanut brittle in the world.

It’s not easy for me to watch videos of myself. Or even listen to a recording of myself. I think my voice is weird. I mean, it sounds fine in my head, but when I hear how my voice actually sounds in the world it’s just…really different. When I first watched my Something Like Fate author video, I had to turn the volume down really low so as not to be scandalized. But now I seem to be getting used to hearing it.

So my new thing is, Why am I such a spaz? It’s like impossible for me to sit still during an interview. Ironically, I was feeling pretty drained during this one. The festival was eight hours and my signing line ran late (which is awesome!), so by the time we did this interview I was worried that I’d look tired. Now I understand why my students always asked if I drank coffee. Caffeine is apparently the last thing I need. In case you were wondering how I am in a low-energy state, here it is!

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