when it clicks

This girl in my total body conditioning class has been bothering me. Not bothering me like invading my personal sphere of space by setting up her equipment right next to mine when there’s all this other room available. That is so annoying. No, it was just that she looked so familiar and I couldn’t figure out why. We work out next to each other. This made it easy to sneak looks at her and try to figure out where I knew her from.

And then it clicked.

You know that Sex and the City ep with the face girl? Where Carrie runs into this girl in the bathroom and the girl’s like, "You’re Carrie Bradshaw," and Carrie’s like, "Do I know you?" And the girl goes, "I went out with Aidan right after you." Then she made a face like, Dude, you really messed him up good. Well, I suddenly realized that this girl in my gym class looked just like the face girl. So I went up to her after and told her that she reminded me of her and she said, "That was me."

It was her! I’d been working out right next to the face girl and I didn’t even know it!

Since I’m obsessed with details, I then proceeded to tell her that her character’s name was Nina Katz. She was impressed. I could have acted out the whole ep (Samantha: "How do you know Nina Katz?" Carrie: How do you know Nina Katz?"), but I spared her. She’s on The Big C now. From what I hear about that show, I need to add it to my queue.

Working out with the face girl hasn’t been my only gym adventure this week. I took my first step class since the 90s. Hello, wake-up call! The basic steps all came back to me. As soon as my instructor called them, they just clicked. I was doing Around the World before I could even stop to think how it goes. But my instructor is one of those guys who loves to razzle-dazzle everything up by adding flourishes and things and creating all of these new moves that could not possibly be more complex. When he got to a move called Bounce, all I could do was stare. But I refuse to be intimidated. I will return to step. I will learn Bounce. And, as with my other classes, I will gain the confidence required to get back up front. I’ve never outgrown my geektastic front-of-the-class tendency.

The point of all this working out is to be healthy. Oh, and to eat whatever I want. Like big cookies. So when my friend Joe and I were walking down West 18th Street and we passed this random subterranean shop called City Cakes, we had to go in. And there, waiting for us like treasure at the end of a lifelong hunt, were the best peanut butter cookies ever. Ever. Some of you have told me that you’re planning a New York cupcake tasting adventure. I strongly advise you to add City Cakes to your itinerary. Yes, they have other kinds of cookies. Hmm. I wonder if they have the best chocolate chip cookie?

It’s official. The search for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie begins!

2 thoughts on “when it clicks

  1. You’re working out next to ‘Nina Katz’?! Wow! That’s exciting. Only in New York! It’s also funny that it kind of mirrors the episode in that neither you nor Carrie could place her. =D


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